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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Appeal for freedom of speech

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 17:59:58 -0600
>> On Saturday 12 November 2011 01:06:57 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>> > Hello,
>>> >
>>> > I really dislike this kind of childish conflicts :(
>>> Which is why I removed the source of the conflict.
>>> What I am seeing is a fundamental difference in how the developers of
>>> these two projects (TDE and his KDE:KDE3 repository) think a KDE3 fork
>>> should be handled.  I am more than willing to hear and act upon
>>> *constructive* criticism, but so far Ilya has not provided so much as
>>> one
>>> sentence of well thought out and reasoned argument to this list.
>> Hi Tim,
>> Criticism of any kind (constructive or not) is a very important
>> component
>> of
>> freedom. It's just freedom of speech, if you do not like his ideas just
>> ignore it. As a person who lived under comunism I'm very sensitive to
>> any
>> kind of censorship (which is useless anyway in this case, because he can
>> express his opinions elsewhere). For this reason I hope you will change
>> your
>> mind and unban Ilya.
>> Thank you.
>> [...]
>> --
>> Serghei
> OK.  Technically I didn't ban him, just temporarily removed him from the
> list as a "slap on the wrist" so to speak.
> He is free to sign up again.  I will not be responding to his posts, but
> that does not mean that I agree with them at all.
> Tim

And as an addendum I should probably post the reason that he was even
temporarily removed.

Remember that these lists are public and archived, and also that sometimes
people read the lists (e.g. via Google) before deciding to use a project. 
That means that if we do not deal with baseless accusations against the
project they WILL pile up and cause us to lose users, developers, and over
time may accumulate enough to kill the project entirely.

On the other hand, if our developers spend all of their time debunking
said accusations properly, rationally, and logically, there will be no
time left to fix bugs and improve the project, thus killing it from
another angle.

My gut instinct was to remove the source of the baseless accusations.  As
that is not an option at this point, we will need to set up a triage
system for dealing with such things.  I cannot handle it alone; just
dealing with this and debunking the binary compatibility "problem" has
sucked up a lot of time that should have been spent on the move to GIT.

Be aware that while I will not be "censoring" the list, just ignoring
baseless criticism does NOT mean it just goes away.  In fact, many people
will read the criticism and take our silence as confirmation that it is