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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Mankind Needs KDE3! Ilya and Tim Please Reconcile! was: Appeal for freedom of speech

From: Kate Draven <borgqueen4@...>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 01:36:56 -0500
Cheers Mark and well said.

Kate Draven

On Saturday 12 November 2011, Mark S Bilk wrote:
> Dear Ilya and Timothy,
> I am using OpenSuse 11.4 with KDE:KDE3 and am VERY grateful
> for it!  Many thanks, Ilya!
> At the same time, I'm also very interested in the Trinity Desktop.
> Thanks, Timothy for all the great effort you are putting into it!
> KDE:KDE3 and Trinity are brother projects.  The hostility
> between the two of you must stop.  Timothy, you have made a
> beginning on this.  Ilya, please accept Tim's effort toward
> reconciliation.  Both of you please think back to the time
> when you felt good toward each other, and restore that
> feeling now!  Forget the angry things that were said.
> Just begin anew emotionally!
> This is needed for the benefit, and perhaps the survival,
> of the human race!
> I say that because KDE4 has been crippled in various ways.
> Crippled KDE4 creates a crippled GNU/Linux!
> But the people of the world greatly need fully functional
> Linux for worldwide communication and political and economic
> organization.
> At this unique moment in history, the world is at a crossroads.
> The people of this planet have been dominated by wealthy and
> powerful psychopaths for thousands of years.  These monsters
> control most of our governments and news media.  But now with
> the Internet, people have been exchanging accurate information
> about how the world works, and what's really going on.
> Free open-source software runs the Internet, and it is also
> much more resistant than proprietary software to the increasing
> efforts by governments and corporations to censor the Net.
> The human race needs fully functional GNU/Linux with the power
> of KDE3, not crippled KDE4!
> KDE4 has been crippled in many ways.  The desktop names
> in the KDE4 desktop pager are not readable, so any more than
> about 4 desktops are very hard to use.  I use 20 desktops.
> KDE4 enforces the use of the phonon audio system, which won't
> work with the audio chip of my merely 4 year old Asus
> motherboard, and many others as well.  These two things alone
> are sufficient to persuade many Linux experts not to recommend
> Linux with KDE4 to people, at least not enthusiastically.  Linux
> must support the older machines found in less wealthy nations.
> The bullshit KDE4 marketing ploy of renaming everything
> "plasma-this" and "plasma-that", as if they really invented
> something new, and the ridiculously complex and useless visual
> theming system for every tiny part of the GUI, and the stupid
> "cashews" and the poor UI for adjusting the panels, etc, etc,
> are also very offensive to rational, thinking people.  We don't
> like to be manipulated!
> Without a good KDE -- which means KDE3, not KDE4 -- Linux
> will not be widely recommended by expert Linux users, and
> thus will not be widely adopted by new people.  The other
> desktop environments are becoming more oriented toward
> small-screen tablets and mobile phones, which are not
> suitable for getting real work done, and storing and
> organizing large amounts of data on multiple subjects,
> for thinking people with multiple interests (power users).
> Without wide adoption of Linux and other free software, for
> communication and organization of the emerging World Community
> of people, humanity will suffer even more under the military
> and economic attacks by various corporate-controlled governments
> than it has already.
> KDE was always the DE of choice among Linux power users before
> KDE4.  The crippled KDE4 means crippled Linux for any distro
> that does not also offer easy selection of KDE3.
> The world is now at a major turning point in history that can
> lead either to total domination by the wealthy, and thus world
> fascism and war, or to a World Community where all people benefit
> from economic activity and work and share ideas together.
> Excellent, functional Linux, which means fully functional KDE3,
> is vital to history turning in a good direction now, since it's
> essential for communication and organization among the people
> of the world.
> It also serves as a model of how sharing instead of competing
> can work in areas other than software.  This is already happening
> in the publication of scientific papers freely accessible on
> the Web.
> So, Ilya and Timothy, the results of your work go far beyond
> a set of software.  No one knows how close we are to total
> nuclear annihilation by the vicious wars of the governments
> controlled by the ultra-wealthy, or to an electronic and
> computer enforced worldwide fascist police state far worse
> than what the Nazis and Stalinists created.
> The human race needs to pull out of this nose-dive into extinction,
> and that means very good worldwide communication via the Net
> and personal computers, which means Linux and KDE3.
> So please, Ilya, accept Tim's efforts of reconciliation.  Both
> of you please stop saying anything negative about the other
> person and project for a while.  If you need to criticize, please
> do it gently, kindly, and constructively.  The work you are doing
> is extremely important!  Both of you please re-think whether
> one or the other or both projects can be upstream (I don't
> really know what that means).  Just forget about previous
> negative feelings toward each other.  Lots of people are trying
> to save the human species from attacks by real monster psychopaths
> with weapons that can kill millions.  The two of you may not have
> realized it, but your efforts and successes with KDE3, and thus
> with the increased worldwide adoption of GNU/Linux can help
> humankind substantially!
>   Sincerely,
>   Mark S Bilk
>   mark@...
>   phone 650-968-1065 any time
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