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Month: November 2011

trinity version

From: Werner Joss <werner@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 19:42:08 +0100
hello all,
I just want to add some thoughts on the version discussion that just happened 
on IRC.
(I admit I'm just too slow in thinking an writing simultaneously in a foreign 
language, so I could not express much in there :)
so here goes:
the outcome of the discussion, naming the next version R14 or R14.0, seems not 
very attractive nor logic to me, it makes people IMHO think there have been 
14 _major_ releases before.
looks like the same versionitis that firefox, chrome or others use nowadays, 
in short: pretending huge changes happening every 6 months or so.
not good.
of course, there was also agreement that nothing with 4.x should be used, for 
obvious reasons ;-)
same goes for 5.x, though.
date based release numbers resemble too much to *buntu, not a good idea, too, 
so why not start over with 3.6 ?
this would IMO be a clear sign for all users who still like kde 3.5.x, that 
this project stands in a direct relationship to kde 3.5, but at the same 
time, is _not_ just an incremental continuation like 3.5.13, but  rather a 
new start, well based on 3.5, but bringing new technology and features as 
basically different from the kde4 approach, however.
just my 0.02 €