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Month: September 2010

First Trinity 3.5.12 Usability Test

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 17:20:24 -0700 (PDT)
My first usability test of Trinity was in a virtual machine. Trinity loaded just fine --- but ignored all of my previous ~/.kde profile settings. Hey! What? :)

Not to mention the evil bouncing mouse cursor! Okay, I can solve that irritant when I build the package.

What happened with my desktop?

First clue: Trinity is using ~/.kde3 rather than ~/.kde. Yet my $KDEHOME environment variable is set to ~/.kde. Hmm. Where is this being ignored or overridden?

Yes, I can rename ~/.kde to ~/.kde3. But I should not have to. Trinity should honor my $KDEHOME variable.

First suspect: /usr/bin/startkde. I have some proposed patches for startkde, but that can wait for another thread. Nope. Not the culprit because I exited KDE, restored my ~/.kde profile, renamed the new startkde, and restored my old startkde. When I started X, Trinity again created ~/.kde3 and ignored my ~/.kde profile and $KDEHOME variable..

What is hard-coded to create and use ~/.kde3? A .desktop file somewhere?

Been a looooong time since I wandered around with the KDE startup sequence.

Second, there are folder icons on the desktop for every directory in the root level. They are not device icons and I don't know how to disable that effect. I also have lost my previous desktop icons.

Third, something is starting the HP system tray. I remember that being an annoyance three or four years ago, but I don't remember how to stop that. There is a file in /etc/xdg/autostart, but there is one in my office system too and the tray does not start there.

Fourth, There are messages in xsession-errors that seem to indicate something accessing samba, a service I don't have started in the virtual machine.

Fifth, the Klipper tray icon is huge and does not display completely in the tray --- the top and bottom of the icon are missing. I don't seem to find anything in kcontrol/icons.

Sixth, the color of my konsole changed from black to white.

I realize some of the problems might be cause by using a 3.5.10 profile, but then again perhaps not.

I'm suffering a bit from new culture shock. 3.5.12 is not 3.5.10. I did not expect so many configuration changes, however. :) If I have to start with a new profile and rebuild the profile I have been using for several years I am likely to become manic depressive.

Suddenly I feel very tired!