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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] KDE vs. Trinity: Is One Really Better?

From: "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 09:35:14 +0100

i picked this email to reply to since it was the one i landed on last while 
reading the thread, but it could have been a reply to any number of emails 

note that i write this both as the person who wrote the features that gave 
Trinity it's edge in the one category Byfield felt it was better in (panel 
configurability), as well as one of the developers working on KDE's new 
offerings ...

On Tuesday, November 15, 2011 21:01:55 Keith Daniels wrote:
> work-flow.  They added steps, moved things around, and made you throw
> away years of training and experience just because they wanted a
> "cuter" OS with lots of glitter.

just as you would probably appreciate others not misrepresenting Trinity or 
speaking on your behalf as to what your motivations are, i would graciously 
request you pay the same respect to others, particularly those in closely 
related projects (e.g. those working on Plasma Desktop and other 4.x 

in this case, you are absolutely incorrect in your assesment, and it is 
disconcerting that we face the specter of dealing with FUD from within the 
borders of the broader KDE / Trinity community.

i'd rather see us support each other than get annoyed at each other.

of COURSE people are going to write comparisons of Trinity and KDE's 4.x 
software: they want to figure out which to use. and of COURSE people are going 
to write them with some level of struggle between the two because the people 
who are using 3.5 / Trinity have made it a *highly contentious* issue where 
the quoted bit above is the norm rather than the exception. so, in part, you 
brought this on us all. but also in part, expect comparisons. that's fine. it 
isn't a threat. focus on what you can improve, enjoy the accolades given and 
avoid the temptation to fall into attacking others.

then maybe Trinity's community will be able to shake the "den of hate" 
reputation that it has earned, properly or not, in significant parts of the 
KDE community.

now, just so it's very clear: it pains me to see the stability of the 3.5 
series diminish. every release made after our last official release (3.5.9 
iirc was the last i was involved in...) has seen, imho, questionable choices 
in patch inclusion. but i understood, or at least have tried to, the 
motivation: to keep the code moving forward and keep it fresh and usable on 
new Linux OSes. so, as someone not directly involved in that code base anymore 
and as someone who has no desire to see people fail with KDE's code and 
efforts, i really haven't made a big deal of that point in public. even as i 
have had to deal with the claims of KDE 3.5's continued, obvious and 
unnassailable superiority to everything before or since.

i hope that can be appreciated and perhaps mirrored in the Trinity community.

> I think most people resist having to learn new things but they
> absolutely HATE having to learn to NOT do something that they have
> done continuously for years.  If you play on that you can get people's
> attention.

please consider that if the intention is to put forth a marketing effort that 
paints Plasma or other KDE software in a bad light, that this will effectively 
and quickly put an end to any cooperative spirit we may have been able to 

the moment you get into "comparison shopping" marketing is the moment you 
start creating rivalry and that often leads to bare-knuckle competition. you 
would, for instance, find that the last article (which i went to 
the wall for so it would be published, btw) likely to be Trinity's last.

this is how one builds a situation where people end up ripping each other down 
so that everyone's progress is impaired. look up "crabs in a bucket" if you 
aren't familiar with that phrase.

i would suggest that instead of focussing on what you are not and playing on 
what you believe to be people's negative feelings about other products, focus 
on Trinity's positives and what Trinity is. yes, the topic may end up being 
the same ("traditional desktop values", "performance on older hardware", etc) 
but it goes from being a message based on the negatives of others to one that 
is about the positives of Trinity.

Aaron J. Seigo
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