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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] FAQ DRAFT (trinity.etherpad)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 10:01:21 -0800 (PST)
> > « Will my personal home directory, created and
> actualy used by KDE3, be
> > compatible with Trinity? That is: will I keep KDE3
> themes and all my
> > settings for the differents KDE softwares? In that
> context, what will appen
> > if I compile Trinity as is, now?
> >
> >       Hoping that the
> author(s) will understand my "basic user"'s
> > preoccupations...
> Definitely good to add to the FAQ.
> Someone else will have to confirm, but I think it should
> transfer over. I 
> haven't tried it, but I think the config files would remain
> the same.

The short answer is yes, all settings will transfer. That is, I have yet to see any problems.

The better question is how to get there? Simply copying ~/.kde3 to ~/.trinity does not work.

In my Slackware README files for my packages I include the following notes.

I'm pretty sure KPatience will fail to function in all systems because of the way KPatience hard-codes the card back information in the config file. Any migration tool should update that config file to the new trinity locations. KPatience will start with no cards showing because the old path does not exist (/usr vs /opt/trinity).

The last thing we need is Yet Another Reviewer claiming s/he can't play Solitaire after migrating the old settings. Deleting the config file is not an option --- people get rather attached to the card backing they selected. :)

Possibly we should create a web page with these instructions or better, create a migration script or tool. Then in the FAQ we provide a link to the information.

Remember: not everybody is a geek. we need to help users copy/move their existing KDE3 profile directory. Slackers don't mind reading README files like this, but most everyday users do not. They want point-and-click. Especially if the person is using KMail --- read below to see why.

Migrating from KDE 3.5.10 to Trinity is straightforward.

For those who want to start with a clean Trinity user profile directory, don't
do anything. You'll see the KPersonalizer applet start and the default Trinity
desktop. Configure thereafter to taste.


For graphical login users, the Trinity login manager is broken in
Slackware. Please use the KDE 4 login manager or use run level 3.

For those folks wanting to use an existing KDE 3 profile, there are some
(simple) steps to perform:


If in graphical startup mode, toggle to console 6 (Alt-Ctrl-F6), and log in
with your user account. If in command line startup mode, then log in. In either
case do not run startx.

Run the following command, but modify ".kde3" as appropriate for your KDE 3
profile directory. Be sure not to copy the KDE 4 profile directory!

cp -a ~/.kde3 ~/.trinity

You now have a Trinity profile directory, but one that is "contaminated" with
KDE 3 connections.


Run the following commands:

rm -fr ~/.trinity/cache-*
rm -fr ~/.trinity/socket-*
rm -fr ~/.trinity/tmp-*

Trinity will recreate those directories.


NOTE: If you use KMail and store your emails in your home directory then you
might want to exclude that file path from the search criteria.

Run the following command (modify ".kde3" as appropriate for your KDE 3
profile directory.):

find ~/.trinity -path ~/.trinity/share/apps/kmail/mail -prune -o -type f \
       -exec sed -i 's|/\.kde3|/\.trinity|g' {} \;

Run the following command (modify the paths as appropriate)

find ~/.trinity -path ~/.trinity/share/apps/kmail/mail -prune -o -type f \
       -exec sed -i 's|/opt/kde3/|/opt/trinity/|g' {} \;

Run the following command (modify the paths as appropriate)

find ~/.trinity -path ~/.trinity/share/apps/kmail/mail -prune -o -type f \
      -exec sed -i 's|/usr/share/|/opt/trinity/share/|g' {} \;

These commands will find all references in all profile text files, including
configuration files and change the references from your KDE 3 profile directory
to your new Trinity profile directory.


To avoid conlicts with KDE4, you might want to disable the
/etc/profile.d kde.[c]sh and qt4 scripts.

You might want to recreate any sym links in ~/.trinity/Autostart and check
any *.desktop files stored there for the correct path to the Trinity parent
directory (default is /opt/trinity and not /usr).

If some apps fail to function properly and you migrated a KDE 3 profile directory,
check the app's config file in ~/.trinity/share/config for incorrect file paths.
Or just delete the config file. A common example is KPatience (solitaire card
game), which hard-codes the file path to the user's preferred card backing deck.


If in graphical startup mode, then log out and return to the login manager
(Alt-Ctrl-F1). If in command line startup mode, then run the startx script as