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Month: September 2010

The Default Trinity Desktop

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 21:29:15 -0700 (PDT)
I temporarily renamed the ~/.kde directory so Trinity would create a new profile directory.

Beauty is always subjective, but I think Trinity should change some of the old die-hard KDE defaults. As you mentioned previously, Trinity is now the upstream source, not KDE. You now are the man. Be bold. Be different. :)

So here are some thoughts about the default Trinity desktop.

1. As you seem keen on changing references from KDE to Trinity, you might want to consider a new splash image. Likewise for your side image in the K-Menu.

2. I always found the KDE-Classic Icon Theme somewhat unpleasant. The Crystal SVG icon set is popular and cleaner.

3. I never understood the blind acceptance of four virtual desktops. Most new users will appreciate two.

4. With only two virtual desktops, the Small panel can be used as a default.

5. Digital clocks are geeky. Just choose Plain as the default.

6. Change the default desktop icon text to non-shadowed, white.

7. Get rid of the bouncing mouse cursor. :) Yeah, I mentioned that already. I'm making a not-so-subtle point. The thing is obnoxious. Stupid, Dumb. Irritating. Annoying. Childish. Unprofessional. I greatly appreciate any distro I test where the devs have changed the default mouse pointer to Non Busy. And quite a few devs have done that too.

8. None of the desktop device icons are enabled. You went through the effort to create many new useful icons, so why not add them and set enable Device Icons as the default?

9. I don't understand the fetish and dumbing down with the default view in Konqueror with icons. Set the default view to Tree View, and Show Hidden Files. Treat users like adults and not kids. :)

10. A bug: when I select the desktop Web Browser Device Icon, I receive an error message: Unknown host default.browser. The message box has an OK button but the message box disappears by itself in about 1.5 seconds. Insufficient time to actually read without repeating the process a few times.

11. A bug: Selecting the My Documents Device Icon results in an error because the ~/Documents directory does not exist. I personally would get upset if any software created such a directory on my system. On the other hand, I think when a person explicitly enables that device icon then such a directory should get created. No, not quite. I think when a person enables that directory a pop-up should appear asking for the path to that directory. The default would be ~/Documents, but the user can change the text in the popup text box. I don't consider that a feature request needing to be added after your feature freeze. I consider this behavior a bug.

12. I'm glad you selected to display both software names and descriptions in the K-Menu. I always empathize with new users and they need both. Flip a coin, but I prefer Description (Name) rather than Name (Description). My belief is that most people are looking to solve a task and a description first helps toward that goal. Especially since so many developers have given their apps names that provide no clue to the apps purpose.

13. So you added the option to use a Kickoff style K-Menu. Nice programming touch. Really! You'll never see me use the Kickoff though. I'm just too old to change some habits. :)

14. Place the Exit/Lockout applet buttons on the default kicker. Many people use the buttons and they provide a familiar method to exit for new users.

15. Trinity did not create a new ~/.kde3 directory, but honored $KDEHOME and created a new ~/.kde!

I hope this helps!