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Month: November 2011

Query about openSUSE package of Trinity

From: Dr Tony Young <hygrocyb@...>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 10:39:18 +1000
And as soon as I sent the email below, my imail showed that I had just recieved another from Andrea 
Cascio talking about "updated qt3 packages for openSUSE" and to Robert Xu......So I am sure 
something is happening....but I'd dearly like to know "when" there could be a release.


I realise this is sort of "out-field",but the Trinity web site has lots and lots of examples of the 
packages for other distros but never one for openSUSE.

I'm not really, really a programmer but I have used openSUSE for years and I know if something wrong 
is the DE or the OS......And I can fault find simple tasks and problems. Currently I am using 
openSUSE 11.3 with KDE4.4.4 running in folder view and all special effects turned off.  It's 
remarkably fast and very, very, very stable.

Can anyone tell me when a package will be ready for openSUSE of any version ?   I think Robert Xu 
(if I have that name right) was working on this,  but so far I have seen nothing come out - and this 
is not a reflection on Robert as I am sure he has his hands overfull like the rest of you Trinity 

Best wishes to you all.......I think what you are doing is great - I just want to get my hands on 
Trinity while using my favourite distribution.

Kind regards


Dr Tony Young
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Blackbutt  Qld  4306
ph (07) 4163 0395
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