On 22 November 2011 12:06, Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...> wrote:
> > If this suite is advertised as a personal office suite
> rather than
> > professional the apps remain viable for many Trinity
> users. The tight
> > integration with TDE is a bonus too.
> absolutely, yes.
> I like kword and kspread well, ligthtweight, fast, well
> integrated,
> does (nearly) every thing I need, so far.
> some quirks though (inconsistent font sizes, e.g.).
> (I also tried koffice2.x several times, before it became
> calligra, and it was
> a complete mess, unusable, data loss etc.).
> OO, however, is a monster and just plain overkill, I just
> use it rarely when I
> have to look at some M$-office documents sent from
> someone...

I think our approach must not focus on MS compatibility. That is a hill far too steep to climb. Not even the OO/LO people have achieved that --- and they never will. Every time I test importing complex Word documents into OO/LO Writer they look broken. I'm talking complex documents, not simple letters and memos with manual formatting. :) I have no hope of any free/libre word processor having full compatibility with MS Office --- nor do I care. The TDE team should focus "marketing" efforts on KOffice as a personal office suite. Ignore the compatibility discussions.

Because of our recent discussions about maintaining Trinity user guides, I have been looking into what KWord can actually do. I never used KWord. Yet as I read more about KWord I am finding the feature set palatable for personal use.

With respect to sharing files created in KOffice, the compatibility bridge is resolved by printing documents as PDF, which the underlying TDE print engine supports. Importing files is another issue, but if users realize they can print to PDF perhaps they will demand others do likewise. I have done this professionally too. I use an old version of MS Office and when people send me a docx file I tell them to try again. Guess what? They do. :)

I want to spend several days using all of the KOffice apps in a focused manner to develop a more healthy opinion about what is provided.

Somebody mentioned ODF support. We might need to ensure ODF support is up to date.

Tim, if KOffice ODF support is lagging, can we add that as a candidate for R15 (not R14 --- R15)?

> > I hope KOffice is not removed from the Trinity line,
> but I am wondering how
> > much work is involved to package the apps separately.
> Likely there would
> > need to be a koffice-base package that contains all
> the common libraries,
> > headers, etc.
> hm, there ARE separate packages, e.g. kspread:
> > aptitude show kspread-trinity

Well, then. Looks like I need to learn how to package the apps separately. Can anybody here help with that? A mini how-to?


Something I would like to push more than personal use is office use. Do you think the suite is suitable for office use? (I am not really sure here -  I have only played around with it)