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Month: September 2010

Wrong Konsole Settings

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 09:45:10 -0700 (PDT)
I'm using my existing 3.5.10 ~/.kde profile. I mentioned this quirk previously.

When I start KDE 3.5.10, my konsole has a black background with tabs on the top. That is what I want.

When I start Trinity KDE, my konsole has a white background with tabs on the bottom.

Pretty good way to irritate new users migrating to Trinity from 3.5.10. :)

I have seen this behavior before --- in Debian Lenny. I never traced the cause. I guess now I will.

As the Trinity KDE sources were started from Debian Lenny rather than from the stock 3.5.10, I suspect Trinity is carrying some weird baggage from Debian Lenny.

I do not believe any user configuration files are being changed. My reasoning is I can exit Trinity, log in two seconds later in 3.5.10, and konsole is black with tabs on top.

I presume some *.desktop file somewhere defines the default konsole in Debian/Trinity as white background and tabs on bottom. I don't care for that default selection, but my user configuration should prevail.

Why are the user configuration files being ignored for konsole?

If I understand correctly:

1. Color schemes are controlled by schema files in /usr/share/apps/konsole.
2. The preferred user scheme is defined in ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/shell.desktop.
3. If ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole/shell.desktop does not exist then the system default Konsole is used.
4. The default Konsole schema is defined in /usr/share/apps/konsole/linux.desktop and shell.desktop.
5. In both 3.5.10 and Trinity, the default schema in linux.desktop is Linux.schema.
6. Linux.schema is the same in both 3.5.10 and Trinity.
7. shell.desktop is the same in both 3.5.10 and Trinity.
8. I'm unsure how to read the schema files, but I think the background color in Linux.schema is black.

At this point I'm lost as to why Trinity opens konsole with a white background and tabs on the bottom.