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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] KOffice Suite

From: Kristopher John Gamrat <chaotickjg@...>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 16:15:08 -0500
On Tuesday 22 November 2011 04:06:53 pm Darrell Anderson wrote:
> > I do think people care a lot about it! As a student I am
> > required to submit my papers as a microsoft document. Mr
> > Jones, who works in an office is required to turn in a excel
> > sheet of business transaction, he needs MS compatibility.
> > his wife Sue Jones, writes down her cooking recipes to email
> > to her sister-in-law, she needs MS Compatibility. Bobby
> > Jones, their loving son, has to submit power point projects
> > and essays to his high school. He needs MS Compatibility.
> Okay so the Jones family is a hurtin' bunch. :D
> Point taken. Let's agree we need reasonable compatibility but let's focus on personal usage rather than enterprise usage.
> > Enterprise or not, you need MS Compat any time that you
> > step out of the linux world, so unless the entire network of
> > people around you are using ODT, then you'll need to use
> > DOC.
> Well, as I said, I am required to maintain full compatibility. I don't fight windmills. I use the required apps natively in a virtual machine. I have no illusions about using non Windows apps to put my beans on the table. :) I think anybody who needs 100% compatibility needs to be realistic.
> With that said, often I open MS docs in LO, but only to browse. I don't trust any alleged compatibility claims to acutally change such documents. If I am asked to modify an MS doc then I start my virtual machine.

Humans being realistic? That made me laugh! :-)

I don't mean that as an insult. Most people aren't realistic, and they ever will be. I agree with you fully that they need to be realistic, but I know that'll never happen.

I don't think anyone here expects full compatibility, but I think most of us agree that it is important.

Of course, if all their apps work in WINE (and they can afford (and are willing) to renew licenses when needed), or if they were willing to dual boot or use VMs (and they can afford (and are willing) to renew licenses when needed), then KOffice wouldn't need to have compatibility, but that won't be true of everyone.

Kristopher Gamrat
Ark Linux webmaster