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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Configuring Kate (text editor)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 19:58:13 -0800 (PST)
> Glad it helped.  I too am a heavy long term Kate user,
> if you are
> interested, over the years I have created a lot of utility
> scripts for
> Kate for use with the "Filter Text" command.  If you
> want copies tell
> me how to send the collection to you and I will.  They
> are mostly sed
> based scripts for manipulating large amounts of text inside
> Kate.

Whoa, I never got that smart with Kate. I keep telling myself I'm going to force myself to one day sit and learn how to use reg expressions in Kate to do proper searches. I never knew I could use sed directly in Kate. I always did that from a terminal window.

Just send by email if you want.

> RE: I changed the focus stealing prevention level from Low
> to None...
> Where or how do you do that?  Somehow I never found
> that in all the
> years I used KDE.

Control Center, Desktop, Window Behavior, Advanced tab.

I submitted an enhancement request (Bug report 642) a few days ago to move the focus prevention option to the Focus tab. To me makes more sense there.