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Month: November 2011


From: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <luke.leighton@...>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 00:29:22 +0000
hooray, thank you, god, thank you for everyone who decided to fork KDE
3: KDE 4 is a complete nightmare, which is not surprising given that
they tried to copy vista, the most hated and despised version of
windows ever. �i actually lost a friend because of installing KDE 4 on
their computer for them (without realising that that's what would end
up on it).

anyway - yes. �really really glad to see kde 3 is still going.

right. �about 4 years ago i worked on superkaramba. �absolutely loved
it. �added some great features: reading the "system menu" so that you
could, instead of having to arse about creating rollerbars that you
then had to manually edit the ~/.blahblah config file or worse
hand-edit a python file, you could just use the standard KDE
application/system editor. �this feature made it into KDE 3.5.

i then created a theme which made good use of this:

the _next_ feature that i added was to go "hmm, how far can we take
this?" and i added support for URIs e.g. enumeration of application:/
system:/ and media:/ and file:/ or any KIO device in fact, so that you
could create an entire desktop file browser - in python - viewing
files etc. and you can click on and run applications, or create media
icons... whatever.

i then created a theme which used _that_:

the problem was that this development clashed with the introduction of
"plasma" which was supposed to be all spiffy and wonderful, but has
turned into a complete dog's dinner. �so, anyway, the lead developer
of superkaramba said "whoa, hang on, i don't want superkaramba turning
into plasma" at which point i ended all development efforts.

... four years later, kde4 and plasma have a cult "hate" thing going
:) �even meester leenus torvalds has rejected KDE 4 in favour of LXDE

so with that as background, my question to you - the trinity
developers is: would you be interested in incorpoorating the dirlister
patches into superkaramba?