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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] kdepim cmake ftbfs with libcaldav and libcardav options

From: "Fran├žois ANDRIOT" <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 08:54:43 +0100
On Tue, November 29, 2011 00:52, Darrell Anderson wrote:
> kdepim 3.5.13 has two cmake build options to support libcaldav and
> libcarddav:
> Both build options are disabled as default.
> I added the options and installed both the libcaldav and libcarddav
> packages.
> I'm using libcaldav_0.6.5-2debian2 and libcarddav_0.6.2-2debian2.
> kdepim fails to build. The problem is finding libcaldav.h and
> libcarddav.h, which are installed in /opt/trinity/include/libcaldav-0.6.2
> and /opt/trinity/include/libcarddav-0.6.1 respectively.
> With autotools I would use the --with-extra-includes option. How do I fix
> this in cmake?
> Darrell

Hello, when inspecting the "libcaldav.pc" and "libcarddav.pc" provided by
the libraries, it looks like they do not return a specific subdir for
header files. That's why CMAKE doesn't find them.

So, in the Fedora/RHEL build, I've decided to move the caldav/carddav
headers directly under /opt/trinity/include (no subdirectory), they are
found by CMAKE.

Francois Andriot