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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] "Keep password" check box restored to kdesu dialog box

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 23:10:38 -0600
> I submitted a patch to bug report 388
> ( The patch restores
> the visibility of the kdesu "Keep password" check box. In TDE, the check
> box is hard-coded invisible rather than being a function of the kdesu -t
> parameter as in 3.5.10.
> The patch (kdebase/kdesu/kdesu/kdesu.cpp):
> ================================================
>      // Try to exec the command with kdesud.
>      bool keep = !args->isSet("n") && have_daemon;
> -    bool terminal = true;
> +    bool terminal = args->isSet("t");
>      bool new_dcop = args->isSet("newdcop");
>      bool withIgnoreButton = args->isSet("ignorebutton");
> ================================================
> Although I suspect many will welcome the patch, there likely will be just
> as many who will fear being eaten in the dark by grues if this check box
> is visible.
> I dislike the idea of those who want this check box visible to have to
> always patch the TDE sources in their build scripts.
> Is there a way to test who wants this check box visible and those who
> don't so no build-time patching is required and everybody is happy?
> I think the 'buntu family of distros don't use kdesu and instead use
> kdesudo. Perhaps this patch does not affect those distros. If that is the
> case then the discussion falls on everybody else.
> Ideas?
> Darrell

The problem is that AFAIK there is no way to *unset* the password once it
is stored.  Possibly a better idea would be to file an enhancement bug
report for a kcontrol module to reset the stored password, and then block
388 on that new bug report.  Also we should add a brief dialog when the
password is stored for the first time letting the user know where to go to
unset the stored password.