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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] KDE3 Profile Migration Script

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 15:05:19 -0800 (PST)
> I think that the folder migration must really be distinct
> from
> startkde.

I already split into two scripts. I have not uploaded anything yet. :)

> And above all, please, please, please, ask the user what he
> wants
> before doing such a thing. The best place to such a dialog
> should be
> in the setup wizard (and in the control center).

By the time a user gets into X, the TDE profile already exists one way or another.

> > cp -a $HOME/.kde $HOME/.trinity

I run five tests on $HOME/.kde because that profile location is used by KDE4. If any of those tests fail then the directory is presumed to be KDE4.

I also look for $HOME/.kde3.

> It's impossible here: if a program runs this without asking
> me first,
> there could be no space left on the disk!
> It would be good to check for space available.

Yeah, that is a good idea!

> Other users would prefer a clean install.

Those who want a clean install don't run the migration script.

With splitting the scripts the only way to migrate a KDE3 profile is to run the migratekde3 script. Disabling the executable bit (chmod -x) of the migratekde3 script or not installing kills any automated migration.

I have the startkde script running migratekde3 only if migratekde3 exists and is executable.

Getting the script to ask permission to migrate if already in X is a challenge because the user's profile partially exists when KPersonalizer starts. Therefore any migration needs to happen before even an empty $HOME/.trinity exists. Can KDialog commands be used at that point? If not then the only option is xmessage (eew).

Yes, there are wrinkles to press. :)