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Month: December 2011

Open in Background Tab

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 16:10:08 -0800 (PST)
I'm in shock folks. Really. Yet I'm smiling from ear to ear and giggling like a little kid.

Last week when I was looking in the old KDE SVN for the original patches to Kate --- to restore the ability to specify the number of files to list in the Most Recently Used (MRU) list, I decided to look for the patches that ripped the Konqueror web link context menu.

Long, long ago, in KDE 3.1.3, the web link context menu contained two options: Open in Background Tab and Open in New Tab. The latter option opened links in Tabs in the foreground. Like this:

Open in Background Tab
Open in New Tab

In 3.1.4 the former menu option was ripped from the context menu, much to the dislike of many people. The same function could be achieved by using the Shift key to toggle the function of the Konqueror setting, but that idea never sat well with me. Or others.

Some time back I filed an enhancement request to restore that feature in bug report 245 (

I use that double option all the time in the Firefox context menu, enabled through the TabMix Plus plugin (other plugins provide that feature too). I can't predict when I want a link to open in the foreground or background. That decision depends upon what I am reading. I was using that type of double menu option in Opera (version 5? 6?) before Firefox was born as Phoenix. Opera still supports both menu options as do other web browsers.

Yeah, I'm quite accustomed to those two menu options. Both make sense to me. Pressing the Shift key does not.

I found the original Konqueror patches that removed those options. That developer steadfastly refused to restore the options despite many complaints. Classic KDE developer egotism. At least that developer did not name the patch "useless crap."

Much like my Kate effort last week, with a little trial and effort I succeeded in restoring the old context menu. And the two options just plain work as intended.

Two for two. Not quite the same as hitting two home runs in a single baseball game, but I'm feeling mighty doggone good right now. :)




I suspect there might be some people who do not want this patch and prefer the current behavior. I've uploaded the patch in the bug report. I hope an overwhelming number of people rejoice and the patch gets merged into R14. :)