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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] The Default Trinity Desktop

From: Serghei Amelian <serghei@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 03:21:29 +0300
On Saturday 18 September 2010 00:18:54 Timothy Pearson wrote:

> > 3. I never understood the blind acceptance of four virtual desktops.
> Most
> > new users will appreciate two.
> Sorry; I don't agree here.  I can't imagine life without four desktops


> > 5. Digital clocks are geeky. Just choose Plain as the default.
> Agree; changed.

I preffer LCD-look because is easier to see the clock when I'm away from 


> > 9. I don't understand the fetish and dumbing down with the default view
> > in Konqueror with icons. Set the default view to Tree View, and Show 
Hidden Files. Treat users like adults and not kids. :)
> Sorry, disagree.  I like the intuitive icon view myself, and even by their
> name, hidden files are supposed to be hidden! ;-)  I can see too many
> "oops, I just dragged and dropped my .<critical system file> who knows
> where and now I can't use my computer" type complaints cropping up.

Maybe sometime we will replace konqueror with dolphin. I never used konq as 
filemanager because I feel it too slow and uncomfortable. I started using 
dolphin when I begin to create cmake scripts for kdelibs and seems pretty 
versatile and agile (for example filtering is very useful feature).


> > 11. A bug: Selecting the My Documents Device Icon results in an error
> because the ~/Documents directory does not exist. I personally would get
> upset if any software created such a directory on my system. On the other
> > hand, I think when a person explicitly enables that device icon then
> such
> > a directory should get created. No, not quite. I think when a person
> enables that directory a pop-up should appear asking for the path to that
> > directory. The default would be ~/Documents, but the user can change the
> text in the popup text box.

In this case I think is better to follow xdg standards.
For example, for user documents, xdg_user_dir_lookup("DOCUMENTS").


> > 12. I'm glad you selected to display both software names and
> > descriptions in the K-Menu. I always empathize with new users and they
> > need both. 
> > Flip a coin, but I prefer Description (Name) rather than Name
> > (Description). 

Bad ideea. For example I have 4 webbrowsers. I do not want to start one of it, 
but specific one. And I can continue with many examples.