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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] How to build the git version?

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 16:11:04 -0600
> I know it isn't ready but I would like to try to build the git
> version from scratch (on LFS).
> I have already installed those prerequisites:
> xorg7 (without xrx compiz grandr mkcfm xcompmgr xphelloworld libAppleWM
>        libWindowsWM libpthread-stubs)
> XCB (with libpthread-stubs)
> dbus-1.5.6
> qt-3.3.8d (patched for libpng-1.5.4)
> qt-4.7.4
> dbus-1-qt3-0.9
> dbus-python-0.84.0
> libart-lgpl-2.3.21 (patched)
> From what I see in git, I'm going to build:
> tqt3
> tqtinterface
> arts
> tdelibs
> dbus-tqt
> dbus-1-tqt
> python-tqt
> tdebase
> Here is my questions:
> - Is it the right order?
> - Am I missing something?
> - arts:       how to include jack support?
>     nothing of these worked last time I tried, but without cmake I had:
>     $ ldd /opt/trinity/lib64/
>     > => /usr/lib64/../lib64/
> (0x00007f9b7cc18000)
>     Is it worth a bug report?

Looks like that got left out of the CMake port accidentally.  Automake
used to define HAVE_LIBJACK if jack support was requested; this should be
added back to arts.

> - tqt3:       does it completely replace qt3?

Yes.  TDE will (as of a couple days ago) build completely against tqt3,
theoretically resolving any remaining Qt3<-->Qt4 conflicts and allowing
the usage of Qt4 directly in new (or manually ported) TDE code.  Since I
can hear people's confusion now, this ONLY ALLOWS NEWLY-WRITTEN QT4-BASED
CODE to be compiled and linked into TDE applications--it does NOT
magically make TDE compile on Qt4, nor will it ever. :-)

> - dbus-1-tqt: does it replace dbus-1-qt3-0.9?


> - python-tqt: does it replace dbus-python-0.84.0?


Hope this helps!