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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Qt4 needed for building using autotools? && Wonders.

From: L0ner sh4dou <sh4dou@...>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 00:33:36 +0100
2011/12/9 Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>:
>> I'm trying to build some trinity
>> components manually, since no
>> binaries, nor build scrips (PKGBUILD) are available for my
>> distro
>> (arch),
> There are some archers hanging out here. I would be surprised if there are no build scripts. They might be cleverly hidden, but I'm sure they exist.
>> and I wonder, why when I try to compile something
>> using
>> autotools (because obviously it hasn't been ported to cmake
>> yet) it
>> keeps me asking for Qt >=4.3 and <5.0.
> I have the same problem on Slackware. I submitted bug report 582 ( against the problem. My workaround was to remove the Qt4 package from my build system.

The best thing is: I'm trying to compile it on a fresh and clean
installation. I don't have Qt4 installed. And I compiled tqt against
qt3. Yet, autotools detect TQt4 and searches for QT4...

>> Besides I looked a little at files present in the admin dir
>> and I
>> found that some of the paths for libraries are hardcoded
>> and point to
>> (example) /usr/share/kde3 or /usr/share/qt.
> Some examples?

I don't remember ATM exactly where I've seen them, but I think it was
in file. Besides there are a awful lot references to
KDE3 and it's latest version (3.5.10) in variables, version numbers
and so on. Yet those files are too many, and to big to go through them
and change everything. And it can't be really done by script since, it
could broke something.

>> Another thing, shouldn't automake files be removed form
>> components
>> that have been ported to CMake. Since autotools-based
>> compiling aren't
>> really supported for those...
> I'm sure that will happen eventually.

I'd like to see it happen now, or for the next release. Faster
cleaning begins, the better.

>> And I'd be grateful of someone could write a little about
>> how to port
>> trinity components to cmake. I'd like to help, I get the
>> main idea,
>> but I don't know where too look for dependencies and stuff
>> like that.
> That is a great idea. Serghei is the master cmake planner here. Whether he has time for writing is up to him. Some others here have helped, so maybe somebody can start a wiki page about the topic.
> Darrell
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