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Month: December 2011

Re: Re: [trinity-devel] Suggestion to drop [t|k]win from Trinity and replace it by KWin4

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 13:33:36 -0600
> I come here as the maintainer of a main component of the KDE Plasma
> Workspaces
> to offer help. Because I see the issues with maintaining a fork of KWin.
> And
> that is a reply? What do you want your relationship to KDE be? Do you want
> to
> be seen as the bunch of disappointed users one should ignore or do you
> hope to
> be able to collaborate with KDE developers? Because collaboration is what
> you
> need. There will be the time that you don't understand code, that you need
> help. How do you want to get the help if *that* is the way to response to
> help
> offered to you by KDE developers in an altrustic way.
> After that experience I cannot recommend any KDE developer to interact
> with
> Trinity developers. And that's a pity. This harms the development of the
> Trinity project. Think about the impact of me writing e.g. a blog post
> about
> my experience with the Trinity project. Given that my blog is read by
> media
> this could seriously harm the project. I don't want to do that, because I
> want
> a working collaboration between Trinity and KDE. But you just have to be
> aware
> how you harm your own case.
> Think about what you want to achieve and how you want to interact with the
> community. I think an appology would help in such cases.
> Best Regards
> Martin Gräßlin

Please don't take the posting of one person as representative of the
entire TDE project.  I am guardedly open to the idea, but I need more
information before making an informed decision, hence the steps I outlined
previously.  A major concern for me is the dependence on KDE4 libraries,
but it sounds like steps are being taken to resolve that.

I think we could all take a single message from any open source project's
list and make the entire project look bad with it.  If everyone did that
the entire open source community would be the laughingstock of the
software world, and I for one am glad that most people are relatively
polite, even when they disagree.

To the users here: please don't bash KDE4 itself when the discussion is
revolving around kwin. ;-)  Keep things on topic--if there are aspects of
kwin4 you can't stand please bring them up politely and ask for them to be
resolved.  It is quite possible that upstream can be more responsive than
TDE due to more developer resources; what we will need to gauge is
upstream's openness to our suggestions.

Thank you Martin for providing a different perspective on things; this is
good.  To the users on this list: remember we do have the right to make
the final decision once sufficient evidence is gathered; no flame wars are
needed or desired.