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Month: December 2011

Adding Trinity to Linux From Scratch

From: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs@...>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 01:00:33 -0600
I am starting to do the development/testing needed to add Trinity to 
Linux From Scratch, replacing KDE3.  Right now I have a couple of issues 
I'd like to get clarified.

First, I notice in the dependencies directory, there are several packages:


I have no problems with arts or tqtinterface but I don't see the other 
three mentioned anywhere.  Are these packages required for Trinity?  If 
so, at what point are they required?  We do have instructions already in 
LFS for D-Bus and avahi libraries.

Second, I have had some problems building kdelibs.  There were no 
problems following the instructions for qt3, tqtinterface, or arts, but 
there were many places in building kdelibs where I had to edit a 
link.txt file and add -lX11.  I am fairly new at using cmake so I'd like 
to know if there is a way to add this automatically.

My installation of xorg is a little non-standard because the files are 
in /opt/xorg, but there are appropriate symlinks at /usr/X11R6 and 
/usr/include/X11.  I didn't seem to have a problem with include files.

It would also be useful to know how to set -L/opt/xorg/lib, but that is 
not critical because I can do essentially the same thing by export(ing) 

I'll note that LFS has a policy of not using development versions of 
packages, so for now we need to be able to work with trinity-3.5.13.

Thanks for your help.

   -- Bruce Dubbs