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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] RSS Feeds

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 19:02:36 -0800 (PST)
> And just to jump in here, the existing website is probably
> a good start,
> but it needs a PR team portal (where selected people
> involved in Public
> Relations can post/edit the news articles) and an RSS feed
> based on the
> news articles.
> The portal shouldn't be too hard; I can probably handle
> that myself next
> month.

For QA and public image purposes, should we have one additional "PR person" approve of any new News items that are posted to the web site and RSS feeds? That is, two people from the PR team are required to "sign off" new posts? The News/RSS announcements reflect an image. My thinking is to prevent any one person running amok for whatever reason, even good intentioned reasons. :) Certainly we need nominal editorial reviews --- bad grammar and spelling do not invoke feelings of confidence and intelligence. :)

> I keep hearing about the desire to provide a drive-through
> anonymous
> spamming...oops, I mean "comments" section. :-)  While
> I agree with the
> idea in principle, I firmly believe that the mailing lists
> are the best
> place for discussion if for no other reason than the Email
> addresses in
> use by posters are guaranteed to be valid, thereby
> reducing/eliminating
> spam.  Also, we would need at least two people who
> would be willing to
> check the comments section daily to remove spam and
> essentially moderate
> any discussion/postings present there.
> If there is sufficient interest on the maintenance end then
> technically it
> is not hard to create such a commenting system.  I
> simply don't want to
> see another failed forum attempt due to lack of support.

I think I'm the instigator of that idea. :) I don't want the process to become burdensome. I realize people need to review anonymous postings, possibly several times a day. Several people need to be on the team to share the load and I don't know that we have that capacity. I still like the idea but I vote to delay the idea until after R14 and then reopen for discussion.

I presume TDE still supports crash reports? What was that called --- Dr. Konki (Dr. Trinity :) )? To where do those reports get forwarded? Is a login account required to submit those crash reports?

Currently the option in the Help menus to create a bug report connects to the bugzilla, but users are required to create an account. Which raises the original point that prompted me to consider anonymous reports: many people won't join a bugzilla. That's just human nature that most people won't get involved. :(

Perhaps the easy answer is if people won't join (the bugzilla or the lists) then they get no support. :) Sounds crass in a small way, but we all have limits on our time and energy.