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Month: December 2011

Building kdeadmin

From: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 22:51:28 -0600
I've been struggling a bit with building kdeadmin-3.5.13.

First the instructions on the HowToBuild page are a bit confusing:

1. Regenerate Autoconf/Automake files
cp -Rp <path to your system's libtool.m4 file> admin/
cp -Rp <path to your system's file> admin/
make -f admin/Makefile.common

Why the -R in the cp command? -R, -r, --recursive all mean the same 
thing, but are not really meaningful if the source is a file and not a 
directory.  I'm not sure the permissions are meaningful either.  I'd 
just use --verbose.

2.  Configure and Build

./configure --prefix=${PREFIX} --sysconfdir=${SYSCONFDIR} \

This is where I get into problems.  I have qt in /opt/qt and Trinity 
base in /opt/trinity.   Configure fails to find tqt and then thinks it's 
version 4.  It doesn't find qt and fails.  This can be overcome with:

CPPFLAGS='-I/opt/trinity/include/tqt' \
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/trinity ...

The --with-qt-includes option does not solve the problem, but the 
CPPFLAGS can be either before or after ./configure.

Environment variables are:




Then the make fails in several places.  What I finally found that works is:

make LDFLAGS='-lqt -lkdecore' \
    TQTDCOPIDL=dcopidl2cpp \

This again tells me that configure didn't do it's job.  In the Makefile, 
both TQTDCOPIDL and TQTDCOPIDL2CPP are blank.  The LIB_KDECORE variable 
is set correctly but is not used.  LIBTQT_LDFLAGS is set to -ltqt, but 
that doesn't do the job.

There are two programs in /opt/trinity/bin: dcopidl2cpp-tqt and 
dcopidl-tqt, but they do not work with the input in the Makefile.

I did not have any of these problems in KDE3.  Is there something I'm 
missing here?

   -- Bruce