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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Slow TDE Exit Time

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 14:42:22 -0600
> I notice that 3.5.13 takes a long time to exit.
> Normally I login from the command line and start X with the startx script.
> On my 2.3 GHz dual core system with 4GB of RAM and SATA II hard drives,
> TDE takes about 7 to 8 seconds to exit and more than once I have seen the
> system take up to 15 to 17 seconds to return to the command line. I do not
> have sessions enabled, logoff confirmation is disabled, I don't use eye
> candy, apps are already closed, etc.
> My virtual machine takes about 7 to 8 seconds to exit to the command line.
> On a 350 MHz PII system with 448 MB of RAM and ATA-2 IDE hard drives, exit
> time is about 16 seconds. I expect longer times but not that much. Yes, a
> PII is not a speed demon by any modern standard, and such a system pushes
> the envelope of "old hardware," but if TDE is targeted for older hardware
> then the long exit time is not a good marketing point, especially on a
> dual core system.
> The dual core system uses the proprietary Nvidia drivers. The PII uses the
> tdfx driver and a first generation AGP card.
> For the record, 3.5.10 never was a speed demon at exiting either. I just
> expect more from TDE. :)
> There is an enhancement request to provide an option to disable displaying
> the "Saving your settings" dialog box, but even if implemented, I doubt
> the dialog box is responsible for the long exit delay.
> What could be the cause? Is anybody else experiencing a long exit delay?
> Darrell

The session manager shutdown is actually a 2 or 3 phase affair, and each
phase waits for apps (including kicker, kdesktop, things in your task
tray, etc.) to shut down normally before forcibly terminating them.  There
are several opportunities for delays, and debugging this further will
require an instrumented build of tdebase that can profile the delay
intoduced by each phase.

This shouldn't be too hard to look at, please file an enhancement bug report.