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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Trinity 3.5.13 build for Arch linux

From: L0ner sh4dou <sh4dou@...>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 17:06:49 +0100
2011/12/24 Baho Utot <baho-utot@...>:
> On 12/24/2011 08:58 AM, L0ner sh4dou wrote:
>>>> I have developed my pkgbuilds to
>>>> work with a fresh install of arch linux and to adhere and integrate into
>>>> arch
>>>> linux the way the arch developers have out lined in their package
>>>> building
>>>> guide.
>>> Wow thats awesome! why don't you contribute to the project by helping us?
>>> It
>>> seems ridiculous for you to be playing the part of Maverick here
>>> especially
>>> since I don't even really want to do the packaging. I'm just doing it
>>> because no one else has stepped up yet.
>>> The Arch Way as far as I see it implies leaving everything upstream.
>> PKGBULDs I worte were wrote in new fresh Arch install and tested on 2
>> different VM's (one for i686, one for x86)  and then tested on my
>> laptop (fresh Arch install here too).
>>> You are duplicating the work when you could be contributing.
>> +1
>>> I see it as an alternative.
>> -1 Is there really that lot of difference between our PKGBUILDs and Yours?
> If in the follow there are spelling/grammar issues, spare me please as I
> have only a limited education.
> Yes.
> The PKGBUILD that I have done conform to the Arch linux packaging standards
> set by of course arch devs.
I read the articles on the wiki and tried to keep close to the
standards defined there. Please remember that those PKGBUILDs are
still in some kind work-in progress state, since I'm generally new to
writing them.
> It is my opinion that if the scripts are not done in a manner as outlined in
> the package build document (on their site), the devs at arch linux will
> reject the pkgbuild scripts.  I would like to see them included in the arch
> linux extra or community package repos. So quality counts in my opinion.
> The qt3 build you have does have some broken-ness to it as well.  I started
> with that PKGBUILD which led me down a path of horror.  With Laurent Dard
> help I was able to fix the broken-ness and I now have a solid build set.
qt3 wasn't done by me. I concentrated on adding new PKGBUILDs that we
yet didn't have.
> Upon looking at the Arch build repo you don't have a full set.  It appears
> to me you are stuck at the autotool build packages as was I until Laurent
> help.   I now have the following complete and working qt3, tqtinterface,
> arts, dbus-tqt,  dbus-1-tqt, kdelibs, kdebase, kdebindings,
> kdeaccessibility, kdeutils, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, deadmin, kdeartwork,
> kdegames, kdetoys, kdeedu, kdegraphics, kdevelop, kdeaddons, kdewebdev,
> kdepim and kdesdk.  I need to do some cleanup work on my scripts and then I
> am on to the apps.
I fixed autotools issues a cople of days ago (8). And atm we have full
set too in our git. Currentely I'm working on split package PKGBUILD
for i18n and I've begun on working on apps too.
> I know they are working and good as I use them on my desktop machine and
> even at the present state of trinity not being complete it satisfies my
> needs.  Even with the outstanding bugs in need of patches.  Good job to the
> trinity devs, Thank you.
> I am also adding a mksource function so that I can pull from  the source git
> repo on
+1 I've been thinking aboit that, postponed it until the git move is
complete, which whould be 1st January.

> I also need to complete my work with qt3 so it
> will install and work along with qt4,  I have just a few files that are
> givin pacman a problem.  I think it will be a non issue.
> I have planned out my repo to match the source repo by having three sub
> directories called dependencies desktop and applications.  I would like to
> see the trinity arch pkgbuild repo to move to something like that.  The way
> the repo is now is very confusing to me.
> Where are we going to start?
I presume You have access to our git.
Check out tde-packaging and begin on correcting whatever is wrong in
Correct our PKGBUILDs templates?
> How many people are in the trinity arch linux developers/packagers?
Atm: Me and Calvin who is maintainer of the whole thing.
> What are the guide lines for the repo and how the pkgbuild scripts conform
> to ?
ATM: there is
> How to best incorporate my work into the repo?
> The repo needs to be put in an order that makes sense so people that want to
> contribute can and all the 3.5.13  packages need to have PKGBUILD scripts.
We are working on this.
> I see your post as trying to start a dick size war so lets not do that and
> start being productive.  I take your post as counter productive.
> Is this us against them here or what?
And you are wrong. I don't know how you see my attempt to start a war
by asking how are different yours PKGBUILDs from ours.
> If you really don't want my help just say so, cancel my login to the git
> repo and I will go back to doing my own thing and putting my work on github,
> Just say so and I am gone.  It's really not that hard for me and it's all
> good for me.  I can help or I can leave it is up to you folks.
> My work is presently here:
> You can clone those and put them here if you like.