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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Trinity 3.5.13 build for Arch linux

From: Baho Utot <baho-utot@...>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 12:27:25 -0500
On 12/24/2011 11:53 AM, L0ner sh4dou wrote:
> 2011/12/24 Baho Utot<baho-utot@...>:
>> On 12/24/2011 11:06 AM, L0ner sh4dou wrote:
>>> am on to the apps.
>>> I fixed autotools issues a cople of days ago (8). And atm we have full
>>> set too in our git. Currentely I'm working on split package PKGBUILD
>>> for i18n and I've begun on working on apps too.
>> I don't see them in the repo I cloned
>> I have arts qt3 dbus-tqt dbus-1-tqt kdebase kdelibs pyqt3 and tqtinterface.
>>   As you see all the ones built with autotools are missing.
>> The problem on merging work is that I am placing the packages into /usr and
>> you are using /opt.
>> I would like to use /usr.
> We decided to follow the trinity wiki instructions, which state that
> trinity should be put in /opt. Try asking Tim for explanations why,
> since personally I don't really know/remember.
> I think that in the end it's up to the user where it should be put.
> You can modify this in our PKGBUILDs by changing the _prefix variable.

Yes I know I started the _prefix business back when David was active.
I removed it from my builds because it is somewhat a violation of arch 
packaging rules.
I choose /usr because the arch devs want that and because namcap throws 
alot of noise if it is not so.
Namcap is a very good tool to be using, lets one know how bad your 
script and package really is, plus it picks up on all the dependencies.
Running TDE in /usr has worked well for me.  We as packagers must 
ultimatilly decide where TDE goes,  I just choose to bend to the wishes 
of the distribution I am working on.
Makes it easiser for them to give a adfirmative answer to include TDE in 
their repos.
TDE will be judged by the build scripts when it comes to be included,  
which I think it will if we do a good job at packaging and bug fixing.