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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Building kdeadmin

From: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs@...>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 14:19:07 -0600
L0ner sh4dou wrote:
> 2011/12/23 Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs@...>:

>> One of the problems I have is the prerequsites for many packages.  You
>> interface with some of the older libraries.  For example, we just removed
>> xmms from BLFS because it only supports GTK1 and we decided that two
>> versions (gtk2 and gtk3) were enough for us.  The most recent commit to gtk1
>> is 2003.
> Well, those are mainly for building binaries that will be provided
> through kdemod3 repo. We decided to build them with everything. We
> provide those PKGBUILDs for those who want to cusiomize. Our
> dependencies are based on what is availble for arch, both in binary
> repo and in aur.

I'm sorry if I implied that you should change anything here. 
Prerequisites are MY problem, not yours.  I was just mentioning it.

>>>> sed -i -e "s@/usr/include/tqt@$TRINITY_PREFIX/include/tqt@" \
>>>>         admin/

>>> Resolved?
>> The fix to admin/acinclude.m4 is the sed above.
> Send patch to bugzilla, when git move will be it will be applied to
> the git tree.

I don't use git very much.  It's on my TODO list, but a little down the 
list.  I'm not sure my fix would be appropriate for you as 
$TRINITY_PREFIX is our construct.  I think what really needs to happen 
is to get the tqt library info from tqt.pc.  Additionally my 
understanding is that will be overcome by events when 
you convert to cmake.

On the matter of bugzilla, may I suggest you take a look at Trac 
(  It has some very nice project tracking 
features and now integrates with github.  I've found it much more 
powerful than bugzilla and it can import bugzilla data.  That way you 
could try it out before making a final decision.

   -- Bruce