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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-devel] Trinity Application Descriptions

From: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs@...>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 22:33:46 -0600
Darrell Anderson wrote:
>>> Trinity Package Build Requirements
>>> ===================================== Common Expected System
>>> Dependencies ===================================== cups pcre 
>>> libxml2 libxslt dbus-python libpng poppler rebuilt with Qt3
>>> support ruby wv2
>> This is really tricky if you want to be complete. What about xorg,
>> gcc, binutils, and make?  What assumptions are you making?
>> Also gtk+1, ghostview, doxygen...
>> It's really quite non-trivial.
> With reference to Trinity. :) For example, building kprinter is
> useless unless cups is installed. Many distro maintainers no longer
> build poppler with Qt3 support. Amarok breaks unless ruby is
> installed while building. Etc. No need to get carried away with this
> list. :)

That's true, but if you are going to publish build instructions for 
every package, you need to specify your base system.  I don't follow 
what other distros are doing, but ubuntu, for instance, doesn't 
distribute gtk1 apps like ghostview and xmms by default any more.

It's almost a Catch-22.  You need a lot of prerequisites to build 
Trinity, so you use a distro like Debian or Ubuntu to get them.  If you 
do that, why build from source and not just get the binaries for Trinity 
the same way?

It also gets really complicated.  Why is ghostview needed?  The answer 
of course is kghostview, but you don't need to build that.  You either 
need to say that app X needs prerequisite Y or say that Trinity needs 
prerequisites Y1, Y2, ... Yn.  The second way will not help a lot of users.

   -- Bruce