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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] R14 Artwork.

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 09:58:38 -0800 (PST)
> > For a while I have been pondering the cosmetic and
> artwork related changes
> > we should try and work on for R14. Unlike most
> projects, we are rather
> > nostalgic, so going flat out new won't work for us. A
> new default theme or
> > such is not advisable. Users won't like it. I think we
> should instead focus
> > on creating an improved R14 style. A theme consists
> of: Backgrounds, Color
> > Schemes, Fonts, Icons, Window Decorations, Widget
> Styles, and Screensavers.
> > These don't need drastic revision, instead they need
> careful changes to help
> > reflect our goals. Speed simplicity and customization
> are my top priorities.
> >
> > What do we need to improve? My vote is this
> >
> What I'd do: darken a little our current default theme. The
> colors are
> a little too much bright IMHO.
> Anyway I think we should look what the tendencies in other
> DE/OSes
> are, what users like and go that way.
> What we should avoid is making trinity look old. And by old
> I mean
> things like win9x, cde, and things like that.
> We should rework too our default layouts. Form what I've
> see the
> current tendency is to minimalize GUI elements, remove
> extra toolbars
> and icons on them and maximize actual workspace. I did it
> on my
> trinity installation and it works well. The rule I used is:
> if I can
> access a particular function through r-click, I don't need
> a button on
> toolbar. If I don't use it frequently I don't need it on
> toolbar.
> Those 2 rules left my with pretty much addres bar and
> back/forward
> buttons.
> > 1) New backgrounds - Our defaults are out of date and
> I don't really like
> > them, Every new release should see some fresh artwork.
> Users can keep the
> > old one if the prefer it. These need to be pleasant to
> view and also look
> > modern. (not to glossy though).
> >
> As I worte some time ago I could provide some photos as
> backgrounds.
> You can see them at my page (
> Actually I prepared some of those in widescreen wallpaper
> format. I
> need only to upload those somewhere.
> > 2) Improved Window Decorations - I am not a fan of
> plastic. I am a fan of
> > the KDE2 window decoration. Either way we should set
> about making sure the
> > default on is in tip top shape and has max
> configuration. Should we keep
> > plastic as our default deco?
> >
> Plastic is fine. We should totally avoid using Keramik,
> since it's way
> too big and... strange(?). Window deco IMHO should be slim
> and almost
> unnoticable. Kermaik isn't.
> As it goes for KDE2 deco, it looks a little too much
> outdated and
> old-school (reminds me kinda of the win 9x style). Make the
> buttons
> flat, give it rounded corners and it should look more
> modern.
> > 3) Icons - I think we are OK with these. Some icons
> may need to be looked
> > over in our crystal svg set. I want to maximize visual
> efficiency of our
> > icons. Some may be unclear or hard to see at different
> sizes. This should be
> > lo
> >
> > 4) Styles - I would like to see Plastik expanded by
> including more options,
> > especially to remove stippled drawing on the tabs. any
> thoughts?
> >
> I'd opt on using Polyester rather than Plastik. It's pretty
> much
> plastik updated.
> 5). Color styles: atm we don't provide good looking dark
> theme. And by
> good looking i mean kinda like ubuntu one.
> Besides like I said the default one i a little too bright
> > I think we should start thinking about this now, since
> this release will be
> > mostly bug fixes, changes like this could also be
> slipped in.

I am old fashioned about my desktop. I never liked the plastik or keramik styles, I don't like the new oxygen designs, I don't like metal sheens. I use the KDE Classic Style and KDE2 window decorations. I still enjoy Crystal SVG icons. I don't use wallpaper. My point?

I ask that you focus on ADDING new artwork and not taking away.

When designing new artwork, please remember that us old farts like what we have. :) That is, new is good but old is good too. There is plenty of room in this world for both. :)

Otherwise I want to encourage all artists to have fun with this!