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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Configuring Kate

From: Keith Daniels <keithwdaniels@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 15:17:43 -0500
On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 1:18 PM, Darrell Anderson
<humanreadable@...> wrote:
>> Firefox is unique in that the user has to specify the
>> external editor to use. There is no mimetype association per
>> se like the files opened through konqueror. Changing that
>> external editor in Firefox to kwrite will open the web page
>> in kwrite rather than kate. For me that would result in the
>> result in the same behavior: two editors open in two
>> different windows. :)
>> Would the problem be solved with a configuration option to
>> always use the current session?
> Maybe. Please provide more details. :)
> Seems the --use parameter is supposed to do that,but if I follow you, then a configuration option would eliminate the requirement to use that parameter. The --use parameter would remain but a katerc option would force everything to open in the current session window. That would much better simulate the MDI.
> I have copies of the 3.4.3 and 3.5.0 kdelibs and kdebase sources, if that would help.
> Before we travel that tempting trail, first we need to verify whether this Firefox problem is repeatable with other users. I will not be embarrassed if the problem is at my end because of some oddball configuration.
> Second, we should try to resolve bug report 692 ( because there might be a relationship with this Firefox bug.
> Darrell
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OK, since you promised.... <grin>

This is my "Opinion" about how Kate works in relation to being called
and/or run with options.  It comes from the period when I was kicking
and screaming at Kate a lot (and that was several years ago) so there
could be a lot of incorrect info here.

I tried several ways to get Kate sessions the way I wanted them.
After a while I became convinced that most of the settings
inter-reacted, conflicted, canceled out, depended on, etc.  each other
in some manner.  You change one setting and it might or might not work
depending on the rest of the settings--and "sometimes" other settings
started working or stopped working.  So being harder headed than a
rock I just kept on changing things until one day it worked, and it
has worked ever since.

During that time, I tried calling kate from the command line with
various options, using scripts with various command lines, from
specially configured icons as well as changing .desktop files to see
if any of those would work.  What I noticed first, was that each
different method often required different paths and quoting of the
arguments and if you didn't get it right--they didn't work at all.

Since we are using the same Firefox and I think you are using Trinity
3.5.12 as well--and mine works and yours does not, probably the
problem is conflicting settings somewhere in your system.  I am also
using Ubuntu 10.10 but that is probably not part the problem

I think....  Firefox calls Kate directly and does not use a .desktop
file, but if I am wrong, some setting either in Firefox's or Kate's
desktop files could have a setting in them that over rides the one you
put in to Firefox.  Or, whatever method you used to block sessions
(I'm assuming you did this) could be conflicting with the Firefox
call.  You might try calling Kate from the command line using:

/opt/kde3/bin/kate -u <a valid file name>

If this opens in an already open instance of Kate then I would have to
assume that Firefox was not calling Kate directly but through a
desktop file and start checking them.  If it doesn't work then that
should give you some clues about what is not working for you.  My
opinion would be conflicting settings in Kate if the CLI call did not

Also, this probably has nothing to do with your problem, but it just
happened to me and caused some strange problems with Kate and other
programs.  I had added some user paths to my environment path string
and wasn't paying any attention and put my local paths after the
system paths.  When I reversed that and had my local paths first and
system paths last all my problems went away--which I don't really
understand.  I know that doing that will cause any system file, with
the same name as a user executable, to be executed instead of the
user's file but why would that affect Kate?

I don't see sessions--ever--unless I specifically open or save them,
and I have no problem getting --use to work.  The way my sessions are
setup could be why my Firefox works and yours doesn't.  I don't
remember what settings I used (and probably never knew) to make my
system work like this, but if you wanted I could  email you all my
Kate configuration files and you could compare their settings with
yours.  Warning my Kate files have been massively reworked so they
might not look much like yours... <grin>