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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] tdelibs FTBFS with tqt3

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:29:23 -0600
>>> Well that doesn't look right. :-)  Can you also post
>>> your tmoc and
>>> tqt-replace-stream files (and also verify that there is only
>>> one of each
>>> file on your system)?
> Only one of all three installed.
>> Darrell
> OK, I see the problem.  Now to figure out why it happens... :-)
> In the tqtinterface qtinterface/CMakeLists.txt file, there is an if
> statement that looks like this:
> For anything to work properly on native tqt3, HAVE_REAL_TQT *must* be set.
>  Yet in the CMakeCache.txt file you sent earlier, HAVE_REAL_TQT does not
> show up anywhere.
> If HAVE_REAL_TQT was set, the string "Native TQt3 detected" needs to show
> up in the tqtinterface build log.  Once again I don't see it anywhere in
> the build log you sent earlier.
> There is a chunk of logic in the tqtinterface ConfigureChecks.cmake file
> that looks like this:
>   if( QT_PREFIX_DIR STREQUAL "/usr" )
>     if( EXISTS "${QT_PREFIX_DIR}/include/tqt${QT_VERSION}" )
>       set( QT_INCLUDE_DIR "${QT_PREFIX_DIR}/include/tqt${QT_VERSION}" )
>       set( HAVE_REAL_TQT ON CACHE BOOL "Native TQt3 detected" )
> Note the number of ways that the set(HAVE_REAL_TQT) statement can be
> bypassed.  This logic is incomplete and needs to be repaired.
> Specifically, I will need to figure out a way for CMake to load the
> qglobal.h file and unambiguously determine the nature of the Qt version
> installed.
> Tim

As an addendum I'm swamped again with work, so I would recommend copying
the "set( HAVE_REAL_TQT ON CACHE BOOL "Native TQt3 detected" )" statement
above the "if( NOT DEFINED QT_INCLUDE_DIR )" statement for now, and
rebuilding/reinstalling tqtinterface.

I want to fix it the Right Way (not a sloppy wrong way) when I have time. 
Fixing it correctly will involve some (user/casual developer invisible)
changes to tqt3 as well.