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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] trinity coverage

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 17:39:30 -0500
On 11 February 2012 17:37, Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...> wrote:
> On 11 February 2012 14:25, Timothy Pearson <kb9vqf@...> wrote:
>>>>> just in case someone missed it:
>>>> The only hatred I see is Martin's.
>>>> We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
>>>> Darrell
>>> Here's a challenge to all the people here:
>>> Find one thing you can do in TDE that you can't do in KDE4.8 and post it
>>> on this Etherpad:
>>> Also note the fastest way to access the feature (i.e. minimum amount of
>>> mouse clicks/typing) and post how many left/right mouse clicks you used to
>>> access the feature.
>>> If Martin wants to spread FUD we do need to counter him. :-)
>>> Tim
> After reading through Martin's blog post I am bemused.
> "the project gets dominated by users and developers hating the KDE 4
> technology." - well yes of course it is you. Hello Mr. Obvious! But
> sorry, I won't be hiring you as my private detective.
> "So the users looking for Trinity as a lightweight alternative to KDE
> Plasma just fail to realize that five years ago they were screaming
> that KDE 3.5 is too heavy. " - Great, ever heard of Moore's Law? 5
> years ago we had much worse technology.
> "I have read quite often that “Qt 3 is now maintained by Trinity”.
> This is a pure lie." - Not a lie. Definitely not. We are not
> Developing it, but maintaining it by providing a central place to
> import patches to and keep it up to date with modern compilers. "To
> keep in an existing state; preserve or retain: maintain one's
> composure.", that is the definition of maintaining and that is what we
> are doing.
> "The good news is that there is a sane project providing a classic Qt
> based desktop: Razor-Qt." - Yet our goals are very different, using Qt
> has nothing to do with it. That is like saying xfce should quit
> because gnome also uses GTK+
> "It is built up on Qt 4 and has a clear project aim." - Trinity has a
> very clear focus. In fact it's stated on our website. On of our other
> goals is to improve and expand the Trinity HCI model, and to make sure
> our environment provides the maximum user experience for those seeking
> this traditional mouse and keyboard model.

Sorry, Gmail's new interface is a joke:p

 And Finally,

"So my recommendation for all Trinity users is to either try again KDE
 Plasma 4.8 or to give razor a try."

Great, I am actually typing this on KDE4.8 machine. I was going to
type this with kmail - but  I cant get it working. I am finding 4.8 to
be a smooth experience but not one that I want.

> Trinity is no project anybody could seriously recommend and a stock
> KDE 3.5 is most likely a better solution than Trinity."

Howso? KDE3.5 is certainly far behind Trinity. It has been out of date
and not maintained for almost 4 years. this is ridiculous.

I think there is bad karma on both sides, but I'm pretty pissed at the

Calvin Morrison