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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Poll

From: Pawel Soltys <sh4dou@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 01:08:04 +0100
On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 12:53 AM, Timothy Pearson
<kb9vqf@...> wrote:
> A hypothetical poll for users here....
> If TDE were to close down, which desktop would you use instead?  You would
> be allowed to abandon Linux entirely in this scenario. ;-)
> Please state why you have not already switched; i.e. what item are missing
> or suboptimal in the other environment.
> I am curious as to why TDE still exists and need some concrete examples to
> fall back on to counter detractors.
> Thanks!
> Tim
I'd fall back to windows, like I did back when gentoo dropped kde3.5
support and kde4 didn't satisfy me.
Or if I were to stay on linux, I'd use it on win host in vm, using it
only from CLI.

KDE4 is a joke on vm (tried that now), I don't like approach the kde4
devs have to users (seen that some time ago on the forums), and
simply, I don't like the whole plasma system.

Gnome3 is a no for me (I tried that 2 days ago) even if I like some of
it's features (actually one, i don't know how it's called, i'll call
it window overwiew, where all of you windows are scaled [thumbnailed?]
and displayed in a way that you view them all. i know it was ages ago
in OsX, but it's still nice. maybe it could be ported to trinity as an
optional feature?) because I find it very slow. Actually It needed
something like 30secs to display the application menu on my system
(i3@..., 4GB RAM, Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series).

LXDE, XFCE/ anything else - I found those incomplete for my uses.