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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Poll

From: "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 19:12:39 +0100
On Monday, February 13, 2012 10:59:10 Timothy Pearson wrote:
> I have repeatedly gone out of my way to state that KDE4 is a perfectly
> valid desktop along with all the rest (Gnome, XFCE, etc). available for
> Linux.  I have NEVER started a KDE4 bashing thread, and have always tried
> to differentiate based on feature sets and workflows instead of claiming
> that "TDE does everything".

please read your email in response to Darrell Anderson. read his email too. 
note the ignorance (as in: both of you lack knowledge of what you speak) in 
both emails coupled with the overt negativity ..

remember, Timothy, your response was: "Very well said Darrell." after which 
you made a number of false statements about Qt4, widgets and style defaults in 
KDE 4.

> Almost every major argument comes up as a
> result of the KDE project bashing TDE or trying to replace core components
> willy-nilly, as happened most recently.

you are in denial.

go back and look at TDE's last release announcement communication.

try to find a similar posting to slashdot or any other public news site about 
TDE from KDE as we have seen already from TDE.

look through the threads on this list and all the rubbish thrown around about 
KDE. your email about styles and "point and click interaction in widgets" is a 
fun romp rife with ignorance; though when compared to emails asserting people 
might be being paid off by Microsoft to destroy KDE, it's a relatively harmless 

then go and try to find a similar thread on a KDE list.

the icing on this case is that when you get the all-to-easy-to-predict 
negative response you then play the victim? please.

> That said, TDE users have a different opinion of how "today's
> applications" should look, feel, smell, act, and quack. :-) 

that's fine. but somehow TDE users also don't know how to hold an opinion 
that's different from others without obnoxious about it, nor do they seem to be 
held back by ignorance when deciding to make a statement.

> I don't see
> any reason that this differing opinion should be treated any differently
> than the continual ideological disagreement between the Gnome devs and the
> KDE devs (e.g. how a file dialog should look and act)--politely, without
> attempts to change user visible elements of the other desktop environment.

if you want to talk about politeness, TDE needs to learn how to manage this. i 
waved an olive branch quite a while ago in response to utterly *vile* 
communication around a TDE release. there was no reason to do this, only 
reasonability and the hope that we could reach a polite and adult level of 
interaction. TDE's community seems incapable of it.

btw, who is trying to change the visible elements in TDE?
> What seems to be lost here is that I actually went out of my way to add
> the ability to use kwin4 in TDE.  Because I didn't replace twin outright
> (even though I have outlined the steps many times before that would be
> required to even consider replacement) Martin went off on a TDE bashing
> spree. 

adding the ability to _use_ kwin4 misses the entire point of what Martin was 

and his "TDE bashing spree" was one blog in which he spent most of his time 
pointing to emails written by the TDE community and noting _evidence_ showing 
how the current approach to maintain the 3.5 code base was running into 

had the TDE community treated people, including Martin, with respect and 
politely declined in this case for whatever reason, i'm sure none of this 
would be happening. but no, you have this need as a group to fling poo at 

you (the TDE community) have an attitude problem coupled with a penchance for 
speaking without having done the research. fix that, and you'll find your 
desired politeness following.

> If anything, this is immature.  I have repeatedly asked him for
> the technical reasons that he considers twin changes to have "broken" it,
> and I still do not have an answer.

having read his blog entry, i got the answers to that. why didn't you?

> I would hate to see you go;

and yet you've managed to make it happen. something to consider.

> With the exception of a few who want to squash the
> TDE traitors at all cost, I have no issues whatsoever with the KDE
> developers, and wish them the best of luck with their modern desktop
> environment.

yet that is not reflected in the actions and words of people involved with TDE. 
it's not even reflected in the tone of your own writing in other emails. so you 
can write this as many times over as you want, it isn't going to improve 

Aaron J. Seigo