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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Poll

From: Pawel Soltys <sh4dou@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 19:25:26 +0100
On 2/13/12, Ilya Chernykh <anixxsus@...> wrote:
> On Monday 13 February 2012 14:51:40 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>> a) TDE has taken code many of us worked on for years and is taking it in
>> the
>> direction TDE sees fit. Not normally a problem, but in this case TDE often
>> does
>> a less than spectacular job of it. Diminishing someone else's work and
>> doing
>> the long-term users of it a disservice is not great, is it? Yeah, it
>> annoys me
>> when people use my software, which they still refer to as "kicker", with
>> someone else's changes to it which actually make it less stable rather
>> than
>> more, something I worked years on to achieve
> Are you sure?
> This is your commit
> after which the buttons on the taskbar in KDE 3.4 ceased to be visually
> pushed, when using the Classic mode.
> The key line in file kicker/taskbar/taskcontainer.cpp before:
> Code: Select all
>     style().drawPrimitive(QStyle::PE_HeaderSection, p, QRect(0, 0, width(),
> height()), colors, sunken ? QStyle::Style_Down : QStyle::Style_Raised);
> after:
> Code: Select all
>     style().drawPrimitive(QStyle::PE_HeaderSection, p, QRect(0, 0, width(),
> height()), colors)
> After reverting this change and restoring the removed parameter to the
> function the taskbar works well again.
> I also have KDE2's installed on my system and I find it both more stable and
> visually appealing than that of KDE3.
> For instance one of the changes in KDE3 was using table caption widgets for
> the taskbar instead of the provided
> with Qt special widgets for the taskbar. The KDE3's kicker is more simply
> looking, has no visual zooming when hovering
> over quick launch items, and the buttons (including K-button) do not respect
> the Qt style. It also has a serious bug with
> K-menu positioning with some icon and Qt themes.
Maybe a little offtopic, but you got me curious. I used kde for the
first time on slackware, I don't remember which wersion it was, but it
was 7-8 years ago, and slackware version I had was quite outdated. I
remember learning how to use it (and how to use linux at all) from the
documentations and manual provided together with slackware. I remember
there was something about enabling zooming of quick launch icons that
was described as "something for mac people". I remember having it
activated and liking it. When I returned to kde, it was on gentoo and
the version was 3.5.10. I remember searching for this icon-zoom effect
and I was surprised when I couldn't find it. It seems that I used kde
2 on slackware, and couldn't find the function I was looking for,
because it was removed in kde3.
I wonder, how difficult and in which way, this feature could be
reimplemented into TDE?

> Is that all improvement over KDE2? As I know you did not work on the KDE2's
> kicker.
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