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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] twin modifications

From: Ilya Chernykh <anixxsus@...>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 00:05:38 +0400
On Tuesday 14 February 2012 01:00:59 Timothy Pearson wrote:

> > No. These shadows are not those present in TDE. TDE currently uses the
> > shadows introduced
> > by the cited above Chakra patch. The shadows on this screenshot are the
> > original kwin shadows.
> While they are original, they are in fact handled by kompmgr. :-)  There
> are also non-composited shadows that originally came with KDE 3.5.10 as
> well, and those are glitchy.
> The checkbox in your screenshot is not very accurate.  In TDE it has been
> changed to read ""Enable the Trinity window composition manager" instead
> of "Use Translucency/Shadows", and if you dig around in the KDE 3.5.10
> code a bit you will see what I mean.

It has not been changed. Instead a new dialog was introduced. 
Completely different one and in the different place of kcontrol. In the same time
the old dialog does not diasappear when applying this patch which results in showing
non-functional dialog.

If your system does not have the dialog shown on the screenshot, in the same location,
this means possibly that Trinity has been branched from an earlier release of 
KDE3 which still had no shadows.

> kompmgr's shadows (which incidentally are configured using the exact same
> kcontrol module with the same general options) work almost 100% on the TDE
> system that I am writing this from...
> Does this make things a bit clearer?