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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Strange renaming

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:13:54 -0800 (PST)
> > > Without renaming TDE must always exist in /opt on
> a system with Qt4, KDE4,
> > > or any KDE4 applications, and will never be able
> to be incorporated into
> > > any major distribution's main archives as a
> result.  Furthermore, we have
> > > received explicit requests for some of the
> renaming from the original
> > > project's authors, and as I am not a lawyer I
> do not want legal trouble
> > > from using a name that belongs to a different
> project.  Additionally, it
> > > can be very confusing to have libraries with
> identical names and
> > > completely different functionality; e.g. kdecore
> (TDE) vs. kdecore (KDE4).
> > You right, but better method to avoid conflicts is to
> prefix all relevant
> > libraries with tde- or trinity-, like or
> > etc. At least is consistent and predictable.
> The question is, will that be enough for the KDE people
> who are requesting the rename? I think your suggestion might
> be fine whilst R14 is in development, but I'm not so
> sure about when it's released. It's best to either
> ask to be sure, or to continue renaming. Besides, as I
> understand it (I haven't been paying close attention),
> the rename has been planned since before the git migration,
> or at least shortly after, so the new names should not be a
> surprise :-)

I understand the frustration with the renaming. I too am sometimes frustrated by the renaming or the tqtinterface layer, especially when tracking bugs and needing to compare code to 3.5.10.

Yet this is a frustration I'm willing to tolerate. As a long-term project goal, I would like to see everything renamed for the simple reasons that Trinity never would conflict with KDE4 and could be installed in /usr. Several bug reports I have submitted are related to installing Trinity in a non standard location or needing to use full pathnames to avoid KDE3/KDE4 apps of the same name.

As a team we don't test for these conflicts.

A complete renaming avoids potential legal issues too.

I do have some grasp of the enormity of renaming everything. Currently I am editing and updating the user guides and just about every paragraph and web link needs attention. The same comprehensive approach would be needed to a complete renaming.

I'm in favor of adding a complete renaming effort to the R15 goals.

Many apps and shared library files can be renamed by transposing the "k" prefix with "t" or "kde" with "tde." I realize some apps do not lend well to that renaming (konqueror, kate, konsole, etc.). We likely will have to find a new name altogether.

I understand and appreciate the adjustments all of us would have to make to rewire our minds to the new names. Not to mention exhaustive testing. Yet I think in the long run renaming everything is better.