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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] Release documentation

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 21:59:33 -0700 (PDT)
> And you have cookies and javascript enabled?


I somewhat understand cookies, but JS? The bane of the internet? I hate JS. I have a slow enough internet connection as is. And I never have trusted JS. At all.

Yes, I use NoScript. I still hate JS.

Seems to work with those enabled, but I discovered I have little patience at the moment. I tried to paste text and the formatting is incorrect. I'm irritated I have to use JS and my internet connection has been horrible the past few weeks. Not to mention the 8 hours every day required to build these packages.

I'll try later. I'm not in a good mood all of a sudden. In the mean time I'm attaching a text file to modify the bottom of the developer's page.

There is a specific order that the individual Trinity components must be built in to prevent unmet dependency errors during build; the first part of this list is presented below:
   * tqtinterface
   * arts
   * kdelibs
   * kdebase
   * kdebindings

The following build order seems to work well for the remaining core packages:
   * kdeaccessibility
   * kdeutils
   * kdemultimedia
   * kdenetwork
   * kdeadmin
   * kdeartwork
   * kdegames
   * kdetoys
   * kdeedu
   * kdegraphics
   * kdesdk
   * kdevelop
   * kdeaddons
   * kdewebdev
   * kdepim

Certain packages are required as additional prerequisites:
   * libical is a requirement to build kdepim
   * sip, pyqt3, and pykde3 (built and installed in that order) are prerequisites to provide python bindings with kdebindings.

Certain packages are not required but provide additional functionality when building Trinity packages:
   * libcarddav (part of the Trinity Project, kdepim)
   * libcaldav (part of the Trinity Project, kdepim)
   * avahi (dns-sd, DNS service discovery/zeroconf, kdelibs/kdebase)
   * lua
   * hspell (Hebrew spell checking)
   * krb5 (kerberos)
   * OpenEXR Libraries (EXR image format support, several KDE packages)
   * GraphicsMagick (various image filters; e.g. koffice/krita, kdebase)
   * JRE-Java Runtime Engine (kdebindings)
   * JDK-Java Development Kit (kdebindings)
   * PostgreSQL (koffice/kexi)
   * transcode, ffmpeg (k3b ripping)
   * libdvdread, libdvdnav (k3b video ripping)

Certain modules will not build across multiple cores in parallel; i.e. with a gcc -j flag set to anything greater than 1. These packages are:
   * kdelibs
   * kdebindings
   * kdemultimedia
   * kdepim
   * koffice