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Month: September 2010

SVN 1179722

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 12:37:07 -0700 (PDT)
Looks like everything builds that I try to build. That is good news! Yet there remain some build issues.

I can't build libcarddav. For me that is a luxury package. I won't cry if the package is not installed. Yet I presume a handful of people will want to use the package. libcaldav builds fine here.

Do I presume correctly that libcaldav provides some additional functionality although libcarddav is not installed?

I can't build tqtinterface directly within the SVN directory. I have to copy the tqtinterface tree to a temporary location and build clean from there, much like building from a tarball. I can build tqtinterface within the SVN directory only once. Thereafter the build always fails. I can build all other packages directly within the SVN directories.

Is this a bug with tqtinterface?

I seem unable to build any package after I run 'make clean' within each package SVN directory. Perhaps this is a conceptual error on my part in the way I use the command in my build scripts. Yet seems that occasionally I should clean house before attempting a full build run.

What is the correct way to clean house in SVN?

I configured my build scripts to ccache. Yet I see no difference in build times. There are files in the cache, the log updates, the log and stats show there are cache hits. Yet the process took 8 hours overnight to build all core, support, and several non-core packages. I don't know whether 8 hours is the best I can do or whether I have something configured incorrectly.

Anybody have theories why I see so little difference?

I need to test building from source tarballs rather than svn.

Although not yet official, can we get a web link for developer testing of 3.5.12 source tarballs?

I still have about a half dozen non-core applications that need build scripts and testing. I use those packages regularly and at least those non-core packages need my attention if I am to fully embrace Trinity.

I have yet to test building the core packages with external support packages installed such as krb5, avahi, lua, OpenEXR, GraphicsMagick, and PostgreSQL.

Although I now presume a hard freeze except for fatal bugs, several non-fatal bugs and usability issues slipped through untouched in our recent discussions. I will sift through the discussions and submit formal bug reports and feature requests in the bugzilla.