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Month: September 2010

Trinity Future Plans

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 16:23:40 -0700 (PDT)
Trinity 3.5.12 is not yet officially released, but I suspect we now are close to a serious freeze. I would like to address future plans. This is just my rambling.

I have seen conversations about moving to cmake. Then there is the tqtinterface support moving toward the goal of being compatible with qt4.

I presume moving to cmake means all build scripts have to be revised, not to mention all the testing and debugging that follows such a change. I'm exhausted with getting build scripts to function in Slackware, let alone having to consider starting all over again.

In the short term I hope serious attention is provided after 3.5.12 to dramatically reducing the number of existing bug reports and enhancement requests.

I'd like to see 3.5.13 focus solely on the bugzilla. Possibly too, resolve significant bugs and enhancement requests from the original KDE 3 bugzilla. Apparent to me of late is that the KDE developers abandoned 3.5.x long before the final 3.5.10 release. The patches committed from the Chakra project, Suse, and even Slackware is evidence of that. Many of those patches are fairly old and never got merged into the KDE SVN tree.

I'd like to see cmake and qt4 support scheduled for a subsequent release. Can the transition to cmake be scheduled for 3.5.14 or 3.6? New bugs will be introduced once the transition to cmake begins, thereby fattening the bugzilla. This is what happened with the original KDE developers. They always focused on bling and seldom spent serious time adding polish to what already existed.

The release schedule for Trinity does not have to coincide with Ubuntu releases. If 3.5.13 focused on bugs and minor enhancments, 3.5.13 could get released in only two or three months. I think the Trinity schedule should be independent of Ubuntu.

Dramatically reducing the bugs and enhancement requests in 3.5.13 would provide a nice long-term stable desktop. That then would provide breathing room to migrate to cmake and qt4.

My own hope is 3.5.13 focuses on bugs and minor enhancements, not whole new features. That is, add the polish the original KDE devs never added. Create the stable desktop that KDE 4 isn't.