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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] build order question - apps not listed in HowToBuild wiki?

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 13:43:53 -0800 (PST)
> dependencies-avahi-tqt
> dependencies-libart-lgpl
> dependencies-libcaldav
> dependencies-libcarddav
> dependencies-python-tqt
> dependencies-sip4-tqt
> dependencies-tqca-tls
> dependencies-tqscintilla
>   The build order lists:
> tqtinterface
> arts
> dbus-tqt
> dbus-1-tqt
> tdelibs
> <snip>
>   I presume the above dependencies would be built prior
> to tdelibs. Without
> trying each individually, do we know which ones won't build
> unless TQt3 is used
> instead of Qt3? Also, is there any order in which they must
> be built? (don't
> think so, but I thought I would check...)
>   python-tqt, sip4-tqt and tqscintilla all seem to be
> related to python/C++
> bindings - is there any functionality they provide for TDE
> beyond development
> that a normal desktop user would care about?

I am building against TQt3 right now. Mostly going well, but I'll need to report a handful of build issues.

Regarding dependencies and order:

avahi-tqt and libart-lgpl must be built before tdelibs. The former is optional, the latter is not.

libcaldav and libcarddav must be built before tdepim. Both are optional. The tdepim build options include -DWITH_CALDAV and -DWITH_CARDDAV. When set to ON then both of the dependency packages must be built and installed.

I never have read anything about the build order for tqca-tls, but I always build that package after tqtinterface and before building arts. By the way, the original qca package never was converted to tqca (bug report 817).

The remaining three dependency packages are tdebindings related as far as I know. I have yet to build any of them although that is on my to-do list. Before GIT, tdebindings build without problems with or without any of those dependencies. If those packages are not installed then tdebindings should build but without that component support. When we finally get the bugs out of building tdebindings the same will apply. Some folks want to drop tdebindings altogether, others don't. That package doesn't mean much to most users --- unless and until they use a third party package that expects those bindings. A while ago we discussed how many of the bindings remained valid and we don't know.

Not mentioned are the various libraries packages. I believe three of them are tdebindings related: libtqt-perl, pytdeextensions, and python-trinity. I haven't tried to build those. The other libraries are graphics related, such as support for gwenview, digikam, etc. I believe all libraries packages are optional.

The bottom line is we all (including me!) need to start building all of these packages, whether or not we find them useful. That is the only way we will discover build issues and bugs. :)