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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Request for list of Trinity changes since 3.5.10

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 15:16:10 -0800 (PST)
> I would be grateful if somebody ---
> other than Tim --- would browse the web site and wiki,
> browse the various Trinity apps, and provide me a list of
> features that have been added or significantly modified
> since 3.5.10.
> We will use that list to ensure those new or modified
> features are addressed in the various handbook help files.
> No technical writing or editing required. No reviews of any
> help files required. Just a list of new or modified
> features. :)
> Perhaps somebody could forward this request to the users
> list.

Here is my list thus far. Please add or clarify as desired. Remember that this is not a list of all features that have been added or bugs that have been resolved, but a list of new features that need or should be discussed or mentioned in the Help files.

* Run Dialog: Filesystem autocompletion in addition to the standard history-based autocompletion.
* The System Tray icon sizes are configurable.
* Remote Folder Synchronization
* Konqueror add-on to synchronize a directory to a remote server using SSH.
* ICC (International Color Consortium) color profile support.
* Launch Process Manager from the taskbar.
* TDE Menu button is customizable.
* TDE Menu search function.
* TDE Kickoff menu.
* TDE menu: configurable recent documents submenu.
* KPDF one-click rotation.
* KCPULoad: Supports an arbitrary number of processors, not just two.
* KNetworkManager rewritten.
* KRandrTray allows switching of the video output device.
* SmartCard Support
* TQt interface to allow interfacing Qt4 apps with Qt3 code base.
* caldav and carddav support
* Amarok Hide Menu Bar restored
* Ark supports XZ/LZMA compression
* Desktop and panel icon activation effects
* Desktop icon grid is automatically applied on login when in use
* "Monitor and Display" control center module for system wide single/multi monitor and display configuration
* Optional Secure Attention Key
* Built-in TDE X11 compositor
* TDE-specific DBUS notification client
* Enhanced QuickLaunch Kicker applet
* "Deep Buttons" option in Kicker
* libkrandr: DPMS support, Gamma configuration, Multi-monitor configuration backend
* Kate: Number of MRU files is configurable
* Kate: Files in Documents list can be sorted
* Konqueror "Open in Background" context menu restored.