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Month: September 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] SVN 1179722

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 13:04:24 -0500
> I can't build libcarddav. For me that is a luxury package. I won't cry if
> the package is not installed. Yet I presume a handful of people will want
> to use the package. libcaldav builds fine here.
> Do I presume correctly that libcaldav provides some additional
> functionality although libcarddav is not installed?
Yes.  libcaldav is for online calendar support, such as Google Calendar. 
libcarddav is for online address book support, such as Zimbra Contacts.

> I can't build tqtinterface directly within the SVN directory. I have to
> copy the tqtinterface tree to a temporary location and build clean from
> there, much like building from a tarball. I can build tqtinterface within
> the SVN directory only once. Thereafter the build always fails. I can
> build all other packages directly within the SVN directories.
> Is this a bug with tqtinterface?

I have never had that experience myself; it could be a Slackware-specific

> I seem unable to build any package after I run 'make clean' within each
> package SVN directory. Perhaps this is a conceptual error on my part in
> the way I use the command in my build scripts. Yet seems that occasionally
> I should clean house before attempting a full build run.
> What is the correct way to clean house in SVN?

Personally, I would remove the entire directory, then check it out again
from SVN.  Barring that, you may be able to run "make distclean" and have
it work well enough to get by.

What I do on my systems is have a clean SVN tree that is continually
updated, then when I want to build a package I use rsync to copy the
appropriate SVN sources to a temporary directory where the build takes

> Although I now presume a hard freeze except for fatal bugs, several
> non-fatal bugs and usability issues slipped through untouched in our
> recent discussions. I will sift through the discussions and submit formal
> bug reports and feature requests in the bugzilla.

I'll be looking for them.