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Month: February 2012

Reviewing archlinux patches from git.

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 09:19:38 -0500
Archers - Tim, I am reviewing these patches now.

dbusfix.patch - is a arch specific compiler fix. It is hardcoded and
should not be sent upstream. Don't merge.

kicker-lockout.patch - this is kind of silly, it allows you to either
switch the spot of either Lock or Logout. It doesn't seem entirely
useful. Especially not if I can push my changes for kickers logout
before R14. I know extra configuration is good - but this seems to be
manual solution. I think it would be better to have these items
operate as regular entries, that way users could move/add/remove them
as pleased. I wouldn't merge

doc_location.patch - is a fix for cmake's HTML_INSTALL_DIR. changes
the destination from /doc/kde/HTML to /doc/HTML. Maybe this should be
/doc/tde/HTML? either way I would merge it.

kcontrol_advbg_step.patch - "this patch modifies the step of refresh
time in advanced background settings of kcontrol
step instead of being 5 is 1, the maximal value of refresh time is
incremented too." - I am not sure this makes anything better or worse.
I haven't had any problems with kcontrol's background. Pawel?

nsplugincontainer-xdgcomplaince.patch - Apparently makes this xdg
compliant. I need someone to review this as well.

bigger_title_icons_in_kcontrol.patch - changes the hardcoded size of
icons from 22 to 48 - not sure what value it adds, or if really needs
to be changes.