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Month: February 2012

Extending Darrell's script idea

From: Keith Daniels <keithwdaniels@...>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 14:01:46 -0500
Hi All

I have a marketing/advertising background.  The following suggestion
is primarily aimed at increasing the name recognition of "Trinity
Desktop" but should have other useful side effects as well.

This idea is structurally similar to the concept of "loss leaders"
that commercial stores use to entice people to come to their store, in
the hopes that they will buy something else while they are there
(which they usually do).

Darrel's suggestion of offering Kate scripts to the Trinity Desktop
audience started me thinking about this idea.

If we had something on the Trinity Desktop web site that people need
or want (outside of Trinity itself), and that could be found through a
Google search--they would go there to check it out and while there...
be able to read what Trinity Desktop is, and what it is trying to do.
If they find things they want and that help them (scripts in this
case) they will post about what they found on social networks, blogs
and forums.  If they like what they read about Trinity Desktop, they
will post about that as well--whether or not they are interested in
using Trinity Desktop or not.

These postings would increase hits to the Trinity Desktop site, and
cause it to rise in Google ratings. This hopefully would put Trinity's
matches in the first 100 results of a Google search--which would
radically increase the hits on the Trinity Desktop site and name

My idea is to start a "Trinity Desktop scripts" webpage or forum
containing user submitted scripts.  This should be interactive and
monitored so I think something like a forum would be the best idea.
The site/page would be based around the concept of "Useful scripts
that can help you to learn scripting as well".  It would include
scripts that could be used from Konsole or from inside Kate or
Konqueror (which sometimes have to be structured differently than
standard scripts). Information on how to use scripts inside Kate and
Konqueror would also be available.

To have a script accepted, a vote or committee approval would be
needed.  Besides being useful (either in actual use or in learning to
script) the script would have to be heavily documented by the writer
so that the "what" and "why" of the script could be understood by
users not familiar with scripting (the majority of them).

What doing this would require:

1 - A web or forum page.

2 - Someone to create & monitor the page.

3 - Someone to manage the submissions, uploads and page entries for the scripts.

4 - Someone(s) to write a Trinity Desktop oriented description of each
script -- the authors are usually terrible at this.

5 - People (or a voting system) to look at and and approve the scripts
and descriptions.

To seed this site/page--all of us could post of its existence on
social network, forum and wiki sites that we are members of.

I will volunteer to create and manage the web page (if it is not a
wiki).  Being a retied webmaster I have the skills to do so.  Note
that I will be on the road from mid April to late June.  I could start
it and set it up--but would not be able to put a lot of time into it
until after June.

I personally have been considering doing something like this for the
last 5 years as a personal project--so it is not a new concept for me.
 Because of this my scripts are already heavily documented and ready
to use. I have somewhere between 50 and 100 scripts that I think would
qualify, and that are ready to be posted.  I am sure the rest of you
have quite a few scripts as well.  This means that an impressive
number of scripts could be put up rapidly, providing the variety
needed to attract viewers.


Another useful page/site similar in effect to the above would be one
that specialized post and information on how to modify the appearance
and function of menus, toolbars, popups, etc. for Trinity Desktop