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Month: February 2012

Localization Files

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 12:58:48 -0800 (PST)
I admit much ignorance with localization files. I never built those packages.

First, with past 3.5.10 packages I notice there were localization files for k3b and koffice in addition to the standard localization files. Where are those k3b and koffice localization files in the TDE sources? If those files are missing then let me know and I'll forward the sources.

I don't know how to handle updating localized help files. I can update entities and various header declarations in those help files, but the moment I start editing the content in the top level English help files, the localized versions automatically are out of sync. I'm not even comfortable trying to edit the en-GB help files because I'm unfamiliar with the subtle differences.

What do we do about these changes? We need translators, but without such people there is nothing I can do about keeping those files current and synchronized.

I suspect when a localization file is unavailable then the base system always defaults to the English version. If we don't package those files then end users will see the English versions. Better than a weird failure messages, but not ideal.

I don't know the answers and I'm asking.