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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Where to put TQt3 when replacing Qt3?

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 14:38:55 -0800 (PST)
>   When building TQt3 to replace Qt3, what is the name
> for the recommended install dir (i.e. $QTDIR)? I am going to
> put it in /opt, so should it go in:
> /opt/TQt3
> or should I use it as a direct replacement and put it in
> /opt/Qt3?
>   Specifically, I am attempting this on archlinux where
> I have only used Qt3 before. Is this advisable, or should I
> just stay with Qt3?
>   If I install TQt3, then will updating
> /etc/profile.d/ be the proper way to tell the rest of
> the system where to find Qt3 --or-- should I create a new
> profile named with that information??

I treat both Qt3 and TQt3 the same in my build scripts. In my build scripts I modify the "T" or "t" prefix as necesary but use the same environment variables during the build, such as $QTDIR. I install both to $PREFIX, which for me is /opt/trinity.

For /etc/profile.d, my TQt3 build script installs rather than I use the "-trinity" suffix because I also build KDE3. I do not want from KDE3 or Trinity overwriting each other. Thus my qt3 build script installs The name of the script is less important except as a guide to the purpose. As long as the script is executable the contents executes the same.

I have my (T)Qt3 build scripts install to /opt/trinity and not to any obtuse /opt/trinity/lib/qt3-3.3.3.d directory as was the past practice in many distros. Therefore the (T)Qt3 bin files all install to /opt/trinity/bin and I don't have to create any sym links in /opt/trinity/bin to find those bin files. Likewise for all of the (T)Qt3 lib and include files --- no weird deeply embedded directories, just the normal /opt/trinity/lib and /opt/trinity/include. Much simpler.

I no longer build Qt3, only TQt3. Slowly Tim is paying less attention to Qt3 and instead focuses on TQt3. For sure tdebindings will not build at all with Qt3 but builds with TQt3.