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Month: February 2012

[tdmctl] Cannot connect socket '/var/run/xdmctl/dmctl-:0/socket'.

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 18:16:59 -0800 (PST)
I'm seeing this message in my xsession log. I added the [tdmctl] in a patch I have not yet submitted to clarify the source of the message.

Bug No. 1:

I am starting X/TDE from the command line through the startx script. TDM is not running and should not be in the big picture anywhere.

In the code I found only two apps that call tdmctl: the TDM greeter and tsak. I rebuilt tdebase with -DBUILD_TSAK=OFF. The message then disappeared from my xsession logs. Culprit found but next needed a coding solution.

In tdebase/tdmlib/tdmtsak.cpp there are two calls to tdmctl. Seems this message could be handled more gracefully to avoid the mysterious xsession messages. Patching "2>/dev/null" in the source code and rebuilding without -DBUILD_TSAK=OFF again eliminated the messages.

But is that what we want? I don't know the specific purpose for the error message. Possibly the message is useful, but seems a more graceful approach is to test whether TDM is running before trying to execute the tdmctl command.

I presume tsak remains useful when a session is started from the command line for when a user locks the session. If so then again, there should be a test before each call whether TDM is running.

The error does not appear when TDM is running. I think a simple TDM trap test is all that is needed.

In C++ how do I perform the equivalent of ps ax | grep tdm?

Should tsak be running when TDM is not?

Bug No. 2:

Both calls to tdmctl in tdmtsak use the format "tdmctl list" yet there is no "list" option in tdmctl --help. What is the "list" parameter supposed to do?

Bug No. 3:

When I built tdebase without tsak support (-DBUILD_TSAK=OFF), and in my tdmrc I have UseSAK=false, TDM starts with the dialog to press Ctrl-Alt-Del. That should not happen.

I will submit a bug report but I'd appreciate some conversation about the topic before filing to make sure I'm not missing anything obvious.