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Month: October 2010

Re: [trinity-devel] Packager for Ark Linux

From: Robert Xu <robxu9@...>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 15:20:54 -0400
Trinity has not switched over to cmake yet.
Most of the stuff should be the same though, you might have to make a
few changes to the prefixes in configure in order to get them to
install side by side with KDE4.

On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 15:13, Kristopher Gamrat <pikidalto@...> wrote:
> Hello, all!
> As you can see from my signature below, I am the Ark Linux Webmaster and
> have a desire to also be a packager for Ark Linux. Ark is meant to be easy
> enough for new Linux users (and even people who are new to computers in
> general), simple enough for the "normal" user (e.g. the home or office user,
> rather than geeks, hobbyists, and admins), and powerful enough for our
> veteran Linux users.
> It has been quite some time since Ark made a release (since 2008) because
> our main developer and project leader has been extremely busy with his day
> job and has not had much time to actually develop. We are still very much
> alive, though, and have tied ourselves into using KDE4 for our next release
> by making an official announcement stating as such. This was before we
> discovered Trinity's KDE3. We would now like to include Trinity in our next
> release.
> We'll still be using KDE4, but we are undecided on whether to include both
> on the main ISO, or to create two separate ISOs. Whichever we decide, we
> want to make both available. I have volunteered to package it. I am a novice
> packager (RPM), though, and would like to know if it would be a good idea to
> use the old RPM Spec files from the packages of the official KDE 3.5.10
> release, or if I should go down the route of making my own Specs. I know
> that Trinity switched to cmake, which would require a bit of modifications
> to the Specs, but would it be worth it?

later, Robert Xu